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Quick Update - Practice at Northwest on Thursday and More

Just a reminder that all afternoon practices will be at Northwest today (Thursday, May 30). Same times, just a different pool.

Tomorrow, we will be back at Idlewild. At the park on Friday is the popular Food Truck Fridays event. The City of Reno Parks department has requested the Special Events department place a monitor at the pool parking lot to be sure those spaces are reserved only for the pool-users. They did this last year, but dropped the ball last week. I am hopeful the monitor will be in place tomorrow, but please plan for heavy traffic in the Idlewild area.

We have had a few practices already affected by lightning. If the lifeguards observe a lightning strike, they will clear the pool and we must wait 30-minutes until the swimmers can get back in. Each time there is a lightning strike in the area, the 30-minute timer restarts. The lifeguards and the pool staff are the authority on this, and we must follow their direction/decisions.

As you know, the weather in Reno can change any minute. This makes it tough to determine if lightning will cancel a practice or not. If there is enough advanced notice, I will send out an email but often times we won’t know until the coaching staff is at the pool. If a practice does end early due to lightning, we will be sure a coach is still present until all swimmers are picked up. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!