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Volunteering at Meets. The most important thing

Where to sit at a meet/Volunteer Jobs

Nobody can sit close to the pool (except auction winners who sit at the tables). And I love sitting right at the pool! It’s a bummer I know but necessary. It is a Northland conference rule for every pool. Safety for the swimmers and families. Necessary for our officials too. We will have it roped off. There are some spots to sit inside the pool area and lots outside the pool area. We are very fortunate to have the room we do out there. 

Volunteer Jobs: (rookie parents excluded until your swimmer starts swimming in meets).

If you can’t fulfill a job at the last minute, please text me at (816) 786-3921

Our Volunteer Coordinators work very hard getting ready for each meet. You can find them in bright colored shirts at each meet (that say volunteer coordinator on the back) and at home meets they usually set up a tent.

Find them when you get there to check in. It really helps!

So many working parts to a swim meet…from set up to take down.

We don’t post all the jobs all at once to make it fair for everyone to get different jobs every meet and not be stuck with the same job. 

We need to fill at least 70 jobs at each meet.

At least one adult from each swimmer’s family is required to work one-half of at least 5 of the 6 meets.  

Parents work either the 1st or 2nd half of meets at a designated job (i.e. timer, concessions, scoring table, safety marshal, etc.) Workers change at the completion of the Backstroke event.

Most of these jobs are fairly simple and you can be trained the night of the meet. 

If you find that you cannot work a shift that you signed up for, a roster of team members will be made available so that you can arrange for your own substitute

If you fail to show up for your job or find a substitute, your child may not be eligible to swim in the next meet.

CLEAN UP AFTER THE MEET: This is a BIG ONE. Judging by most kid’s rooms…this mess will extend to the pool and surrounding area.

Please pick up before you leave. Even if you didn’t do it, try to pick up five pieces of trash before you leave the pool. We are working on a sign out system for families required to stay after to ensure the area is clean. Failure to sign out could result in your swimmer being ineligible to swim in the next meet.

If your volunteer obligations are not filled, your swimmer will not be eligible to swim at conference. It sounds so harsh I know but it means someone else had to do your job and that takes away from them. It makes the time go by so much faster! By choice, I am there every meet the whole meet running the meet. A half isn't so bad! 

We always understand extenuating circumstances. If they arise, just talk to us. We will help you in any way we can.

Until next time!