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RENO News - 6/3/19

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It looks like the weather is going to be nice this week. Hopefully we will avoid any afternoon thunderstorms.

Before I get going with this week’s email, last week I left out Angelo Aramini winning high-point for the 10-under boys at the Intermountain Classic. Congratulations to Angelo! 

Please read through this email for important Reno Aquatic Club information.

Junior Group

Our new Junior group starts today. I am looking forward to this new group. I feel it is another step in the right direction for RENO. The Junior group will be comprised of swimmers from the Blue and Pre-Senior group. Please click here to see the list.

I am also excited that Matt Janess, our new Junior group coach, will be starting today. His positivity and enthusiasm will be an excellent addition to the best coaching staff in the area!

Practice Schedule

We will be shifting to our summer practice schedule next Monday (June 10). Please click here for the schedule

Summer Sanders

This weekend is the Summer Sanders Senior Trials/Finals meet in Roseville, CA. RENO has 19 swimmers with the time standards, and 12 will be competing. Be sure to follow RENO’s Instagram page for updates during the weekend. I will be emailing more information soon to those attending. 

Swim fast this weekend!

Aces Game – June 10

Packets for the Aces game are due today and tomorrow!

The game is a fundraiser, but it is also a great opportunity to spend time as a team away from the pool. Our goal is to sell 200 tickets.

RENO Gamble

Thank you to those who have signed up for the Gamble. Many RENO swimmers are still not registered. Please sign-up ASAP to avoid the meet from filling up before you register.

To register, please visit You will need to create an account to sign-up for the meet. 

Summer Program

Our summer program starts next week. We still have a few spots available. Click here to register. Please feel free to share the link with anyone who may be interested. Thank you!

Starting Blocks

We are still going strong with our fundraising efforts to purchase new starting blocks. Our goal is to have the new blocks before the RENO Gamble. A donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Click here for more information and to donate

A big thank you to the following families who donated funds for an entire block:

Aramini / Arrascada


Trevithick / Follett

We greatly appreciate all donations. Thank you!

Parent Education

After the summer, RENO’s graduating seniors will be moving on to swim in college. This will require other swimmers to step-up and fill the leadership void. This is a natural cycle with swim teams and it is an outstanding opportunity for our swimmers to develop their leadership skills. 

It’s important for our swimmers, regardless of age and ability, to develop leadership skills, so when RENO has a big graduating class the next generation of leaders on the team are ready to step-up and lead. This way the team continues to move forward and not take a step-back when our seniors head off to college. 

It is important to note that not everyone is or should be a leader. Often times, people prefer to be followers and that is completely OK. For some, leadership comes naturally; for others, they need to develop their skills to be effective leaders.

Here are a few tips to help cultivate leadership in your child:

The Child’s Personality Will Change

When I started swimming, I was very shy and timid. I was a follower. As I got older and my confidence grew, I started to develop my leadership skills. By the time I graduated from the University of Iowa, I was the swim team captain and won the team’s leadership award. 

Your child may not show leadership qualities at the moment, but that does not mean they’ll never be a leader. Perhaps they aren’t ready or they haven’t had an opportunity to be a leader yet. So, continue to encourage and give them opportunities to lead.

Encourage Them to Lead Even When They Aren’t the Fastest

In my experience, some of the best leaders were the slowest on the team, and some of the worst leaders were the fastest on the team. Ability in the pool does not determine leadership ability.

You Don’t Have to be Loud to be a Leader

Similar to the above point, if someone is the loudest or the most out-spoken that doesn’t mean they are the best leader. Someone can be naturally quiet, and they can still be a very effective leader.  A quiet leader can set an example for the rest of their teammates by their hard work and dedication. 

Let Them Make Decisions for Themselves

When children are allowed to make decisions for themselves it empowers them and gives them confidence. When they are in a position to make decisions for the entire team/group, they will be able to do so and be confident in their decision. 

Let Your Child Fail

The following is from TrueSport

Too often, parents want to jump in and solve a problem for their child when the best thing for them is to let the situation unfold so they can experience failure. Think about it like this: if a child is continually praised, coddled, and protected, what happens when the parent is not there and they have to face reality?

Be supportive during failure, but let your child fail when appropriate, and use it as a teaching moment. Ask your child ‘What can you learn from this experience so that you don’t make the same mistakes?’”

Teach Perseverance and Positivity

In my opinion, the two best traits a leader can have are perseverance and positivity. A leader who perseveres and works hard is someone that is easy to follow. The same thing goes with positivity. If a leader is positive, they will make a great impact on the rest of the team. On the flipside, if a leader is negative it can be very detrimental to the success of the team. If a leader is positive and never gives up, it will help set the tone for the rest of Reno Aquatic Club.

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website.   Click here to read the archived articles.

Meet Schedule

Here are the upcoming meets for Reno Aquatic Club:

- June 6 – 9 – Summer Sanders Invitational / Roseville, CA (senior-level swimmers with qualifying times)

- June 21 – 23 – RENO Gamble / Reno, NV (all)

- July 12 – 14 – Swimming at Altitude / South Lake Tahoe (optional for Orange group and below)

- July 12 – 14 – Pacific JOs / Concord, CA (14-under swimmers with qualifying times)

- July 12 – 14 – Senior 2 T/F / Pleasant Hill, CA (15-over swimmers with qualifying times)

- July 19 – 21 – NNA Trials/Finals / Reno, NV (talk with coach)

- July 30 – August 3 – Western Zones Senior Championships / Clovis, CA (senior swimmers with qualifying times)

- August 1 – August 4 – Futures Championships / Mt. Hood, OR (senior swimmers with qualifying times)

- August 2 – August 4 – High Country Championships / Minden, NV (end of the season championship – all swimmers who aren’t attending Western Zones or Futures)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach