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Summer Sanders Info
I am looking forward to a great weekend in Roseville at the Summer Sanders meet! It looks like the weather is going to be nice but warm. Here is some important info about the weekend:
- With the hot weather, please be sure your swimmer is staying hydrated. I strongly suggest that they be drinking water and pedialyte throughout the day. 
- As a reminder, I ask that parents do not sit in the same area as the swimmers. Senior-level meets are an excellent opportunity for our swimmers to bond and grow as a team. I believe if a parent is sitting with the swimmers it doesn’t allow the swimmers to be themselves and it hinders the team's chemistry. Thank you in advance for following this policy. Scott McLean will be brining down an extra tent for the parents — thanks Scott!
- With school finals, I know many of our swimmers have to miss Friday. If your child is signed up for Friday’s events but won’t be there, please send an email to by Thursday at 6:30 PM (the sooner the better) and let him know your child will scratch Friday's events. Please CC me on the email. 
- Aidan is our only swimmer in an event on Thursday evening, but if your child is going to be in Roseville on Thursday, please come to the pool so they can warm-up and cheer him on. Warm-ups start at 5:00 PM in the competition pool. If you are still traveling to Roseville but aren’t able to get to the pool by 5 PM, please still come, so they can swim in the warm-up/warm-down pool. Ideally, the swimmer can warm-up in the competition pool at 5 PM, but I understand if travel plans don’t allow this to happen. The meet will start at 6:00 PM
- If you are traveling down on Friday, please be at the pool by 4:30 PM so your swimmer can warm-up in the competition pool during finals warm-ups. If you can’t be there by 4:30 PM, still come to the pool and they can swim in the warm-up pool.
- For each morning, please plan to arrive at the pool by 6:40 AM at the latest. I would like all the swimmers to get in the water at 6:50 AM. The competition pool gets extremely crowded during warm-up. I want our swimmers to get a bulk of their warm-up done before it gets too crazy. Prelims start at 8:30 AM each morning.
- On Friday and Saturday, finals warm-ups start at 4:30 PM and the meet starts at 5:30 PM. On Sunday, warm-ups start at 3:30 PM and the meet starts at 4:30 PM.
- Looking at the timeline, time trials should be offered. The cost of a time trial is $15 and the swimmer must sign-up by 10 AM. Please have your swimmer check with me before they sign-up.
- We have been assigned one timing chair for each session. I greatly appreciate your help in making sure our chair is filled throughout the weekend.
- Finals will consist of 4 heats (36 swimmers total) for 200 and shorter events and 3 heats (27 swimmers total) for 400 events.
- This meet is always a little tricky when it comes to the psych sheet… Some teams fully rest, others do a partial rest, and some teams are in the middle of very heavy training. If a swimmer is not seeded high that does not mean they can’t move-up and secure a spot in finals. A goal for this meet is to get as many second swims as possible! 
If you have any questions, please contact me. I am looking forward to a great meet!