Hello MAC supporters,
As you see on the bottom of the weekly emails we need more officials for our team. Being an Official is a lot of fun and at a swim meet you just can't get any closer to the action. Without officials it is impossible to run a meet and the more officials we have the smoother the meet runs. When we can provide officials we get invited to more meets and we can also more easily host our own meets. I know we have had meets we have attended in the past where we were only invited because we had an official coming to help out. With Adam wanting to do more Dual Meets, we can more easily do that if we can staff a meet. That means we have at minimum a Referee, a Starter, and at least 4 Stroke and Turn Officials. More is better. We have recently lost several of our Stroke and Turn Officials as their kids have moved to other teams, aged out of MAC, or their kids stopped swimming. To the best of my knowledge we currently have 3 officials. 1 is certified to be a referee, starter, or stroke and turn, and the other two are stroke and turn only. We need a lot more help.
MAC pays the USA Swimming fees for Officials and will reimburse the cost of the background check that is required. MAC also waves the meet fees for 1 of your swimmers if you officiate at a home meet. So if you only have 1 kid on the team, then you give them an opportunity to swim, compete, and better their times and it costs you nothing. In addition to that, as a thank you, almost every meet I have been to they have drinks and snacks for officials, sometimes meals. Some other away meets will offer small gift cards to officials as a thank you for working their meets or waive meet fees for 1 swimmer. It does take a little bit of training, which again costs you nothing, to become an official. The first step is to attend a clinic where they will go over what all is involved with becoming an official. Or if you are already an official, what you need to advance to Starter or Referee. I am happy to help you through any stage of the process or answer any questions. They finally have some training clinics set up and with 2 of them being this close to home, we would be foolish to not take advantage. To become a Starter you must already be a stroke and turn official. Administrative Officials are the ones that run the meet from the office with the computer. We do not currently have an Admin Official and desperately need one.
Thank you in advance for your help and your willingness to help the team. Here is the Info for the clinics I was sent this morning.
Training clinics for STARTERS, STROKE AND TURN OFFICIALS, and ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS have been set up for the following times.
  • Starters: June 18, 5:30 pm at 5760 Ridge Creek Rd, Murray
  • Stroke and Turn Officials: June 18, 6:00 pm at 5760 Ridge Creek Rd, Murray
  • Administrative Officials: June 25, 6:00 pm at 957 E 200 S, Lindon
Please encourage anyone who is interested in training to be a S&T or administrative official, or advancing to starter, to attend these clinics.
RSVP to Alicia Simon: [email protected] (not required since drop-ins are welcome, but helpful in planning number of handouts etc.)
Thank you
Mike Findlay
MAC Officials Coordinator