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NewsSplash: Meet Results and Lots of Other Stuff!!!

Hope you are all staying cool with the crazy heat we've had lately!  Please see below for results from our recent meets and lots of other important information.


Meet Results

  • Here are the results to the Aquaknights Meet and 8 and Unders with the following note from the coaches:
    • "Aquaknights - We had over 50% of our swims were best times, and we had only 5 DQ's- Amazing!"
    • "Otter invite - 70% of our swims were best times - Great job!"
  • For the Aquaknights Results, note that they have different breakdowns for their medal times.  Their "Gold Time" is not the same as a "County Time" (many of our swimmers have "Gold" by their times, this does not equal "County").


Spirit Wear and Swim Cap Orders

  • If you have not picked up your Spirit Wear or Caps yet,  please see Janelle Mincy at this Saturday's meet against HPST.  She will be handing them out at the meet.
  • Your Spirit Wear order was pre-paid.  Caps were not pre-paid.  Please bring exact cash or check (made payable to Benicia Stingrays) for the caps.  Personalized caps are $20 and non-personalized caps are $15.  We do have a limited number of extra non-personalized caps available for sale if you would like to purchase one.


Team Shirts

  • All swimmers, both Swim Team and Summer Fitness, get a t-shirt (it is included in the price of registration).  These shirts (designed by Coach Steve!) were passed out at Time Trials. 
  • If you did not attend Time Trials, and still need your swimmer's shirt, please let the coaches know during practice and they can either get you the shirt or point you in the direction of someone who can help you.  


Team and Individual Photos

  • Individual and 8 x 10" team photos have been placed in your family folders.  If you ordered a larger team photo, please see Tanja Kopper (Mom of Luke 7/8 boy and Finn 11/12 boy) as they will not fit in your folder.


Swimmer Time Cards

  • Time cards have been placed in each family folder for each swimmer.  These cards are a way for swimmers to track their times and become more aware of their improvements throughout the season.  The cards can also help with goal setting.
  • When swim meet results are sent out, swimmers can write their times from the meet onto the card.  If swimmers improve their time, they will get a notice in the family folder to turn it in to a swimmer coach to earn a prize.
  • Also new this season, bronze, silver, and gold stickers will be placed in their folders when they earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold time.  These stickers can be placed on paper, water bottles, or anything else they want to create!  
  • The back of the Time Card lists the Medal and County Times for the different age groups as well.  


Competetive Swim Lessons/Private Lessons

  • Our two most experienced swimmer coaches, Coach Ashlynn and Coach Alyssa, are offering private lessons for interested swimmers.  
  • Please click here for the link to get all of the information.
  • Private Lessons are a great way for your swimmer to get one on one attention to fine tune a stroke, improve their technique, work on dives and flip turns, etc.


Volunteer Update and Additional Opportunities

  • We would like to thank you for your dedication and volunteer support for our swim team!  Because of your early sign ups (as of today) we have ALL of our volunteer positions (during regular swim meets) filled! Thank you!!!!
  • Since a few of you have outstanding hours we are offering credit towards mandatory volunteer hours by helping with our fun events: Lapapalooza (6/26: signups available now) and Family Fun Night (7/19: sign ups coming soon). 
  • If you need more hours, sign up ASAP. You may also hire a job sub or a friend/family member over the age of 16 to work your shift(s).
  • Reminder: a regular swim meet is equal to five hours. Any questions, contact our volunteer coordinator, Cyndee Bogard (