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Meet Report - Park Paseo vs Oak Creek Orcas 6/15/19

Hello Northstars, each week I will write a summary of all our swimmers' achievements at the meet. These reports will be emailed to the team and posted in the "Results & Reports" section of the website (web updates coming later this week). Congrats to all our swimmers on a great first meet!


The Park Paseo Northstars started the 2019 season with an exciting meet against the Oak Creek Orcas. The energy was high from the beginning, with the Northstars winning the medley relay in the 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10 age groups. Sydney Lin achieved another team record, with a time of 1:05.31 in the girls 15 – 18 100-yard individual medley.

The younger Northstars boys were unbeatable; out of 13 races, the 5 – 10 year old boys racked up 13 first place finishes, ten second place finishes, and four third place finishes.

Time improvements are always a highlight of the meet and the Northstars earned 131 time improvements on Saturday. Michelle Zhang had the biggest improvement of the day, taking 29.43 seconds off in the girls 5 – 6 backstroke. Satyar Safae also had a big drop in backstroke, taking off 15.88 seconds in the boys 9 – 10 race. Sophia Wu had two huge drops, taking off 15.38 seconds in the girls 5 – 6 butterfly and 13.44 seconds in breaststroke. Another seven Northstars had double-digit drops in their butterfly events, including Azra Buvan (-12.02 seconds), Zuhal Dayioglu (-13.04), Joshua Gima (-11.06), Julia Kim (-10.54), Om Panday (-12.49), Devynn Slater (-11.81), and Aaron Soleimani (-17.41).

There were 18 Northstars who had time improvements in all three of their events, including Azra Buvan, Josh Chao, Peyton Cheng, Andrew Do, Audrey Do, Vicki Edney, Brynna Hsia, Joyce Kim, Pak Li, Sydney Lin, Travis Miller, Om Panday, Kristoffer Renshus, Devynn Slater, Aaron Soleimani, Anh Truong, Sophia Wu, and Chloe Zhao.

Another 28 Northstars had time improvements in two events, including Brody Bautista, Adrian Bekker, Trevor Cheng, CJ Cowgill, Katie Damko, Joshua Gima, Rachel Gima, Aditi Gupta, Genevieve Hagedorn, Lucy Hinkle, Luukas Houttu, Ava Josenhans, Evie Kao, Nora Kao, Julia Kim, Nathan Lao, Tyler Lin, Matthew Ma, Winter Niu, Simran Patel, Izumi Renshus, Satyar Safae, Josh Sellwood, Lindsay Tarlton, Noah Villanueva, Michelle Zhang, Mengshu Zhang, and Lucas Zhao.

The 21 Northstars with one time improvement were Tyler Allen, Sarah Chao, Alex Chin, Ryan Damko, Zuhal Dayioglu, Jackie Edney, Anshul Gupta, Aaron Josenhans, Isaac Kao, Isla Kim, Micah Kim, Jane Kim, Nyah Lin, Owen Lo, Cailen Muncy, Hanna Muncy, Parsa Tamadon, Khanh Truong, Emir Uzun, Kenan Uzun, and Angelina Van Velden.

The Northstars finished first in 28 events and six relays, second in 28 events and six relays, and third in 20 events. The team also achieved 61 ISL Championship qualifying times from 25 swimmers. Peyton Cheng, Deron Hsia, Nyah Lin, and Sydney Lin placed first and qualified in all three of their events. Owen Lo also placed first in all three events and had two qualifying times. Swimmers who placed in the top three in all of their events and qualified for champs were Adrian Bekker, Ethan Chen, Everett Chen, Rachel Gima, Aditi Gupta, Lucy Hinkle, Brynna Hsia, Jalen Hsia, Nathan Lao, Tyler Lin, and Noah Villanueva. Additional swimmers who qualified for champs were Josh Chao, Trevor Cheng, Aaron Josenhans, Joyce Kim, Winter Niu, Josh Sellwood, Parsa Tamadon, Lindsay Tarlton, and Karlisha Yu. Danny Constandse had a first-place finish in breaststroke and was third in freestyle.

Many Northstars swam in their first ever dual meet on Saturday, while others swam some of their events for the first time this season. Some of these swimmers were Brawlin Carey, Erika Houttu, Everett Kao, Linky Kao, Ally Lao, Ian Lee, Isaac Lee, Andrew Ma, Natalie Miller, Emily Nauli, Adithi Ravikumar, Haylee Trinh, Sophie Trinh, George Xiang, Chaewon Yoon, and Yeowon Yoon.