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Invitational Volunteer/Substitute Information

Hi Stingrays!

Hopefully your week has gotten off to a great start.  There has been a bit of confusion for some families around the volunteer requirement (and who to contact) for regular meets versus invitational meets (e.g. Battle of the Ages, ECI, Otters Invitational), so hopefully the information below helps.

Regular Meets

  • Our team's Volunteer Coordinator, Cyndee Bogard, handles everything volunteer related for any of our regular swim meets (such as the one we just had this past Saturday against Hercules).  Cyndee can be reached at

Invitational Meets

  • Our team's Invitational Coordinator, Kathleen Sauter, handles everything volunteer related for any invitational meet (such as this weekend's upcoming Battle of the Ages). 
  • Any job substitutes for invitational meets go through Kathleen.  Should you want a teen sub to work your shift at an invitational meet, please contact Kathleen directly at or at 707-398-1928.
  • Invitational meets are run with specifications set forth by the host team(s). The meets are not run like a dual meet. The coordinator works alongside the host team to fill specific jobs
  • All families must volunteer each day their swimmer participates in an invitational meet.  These jobs will be assigned a day or two before the actual event and will be emailed to you.

Thank you!