Many personal bests, new sectional times, and a few broken records at 2019 JAG C

Many personal bests, new sectional times, and a few broken records at

2019 JAG Champs! Way to go Azot!


It was definitely a happy Father's Day for Azot swim families at 2019 June Age Group Championship that took place at Woollett Aquatic center on the weekend of June 14th. Azot swimmers delivered many exceptional performances for their dads! Great job everyone who swam hard this special weekend and achieved their personal bests!

With a little over 60 swimmers who qualified for JAG, AZOT gathered enough points to finish in 3rd place at this very competitive meet. Everyone stayed very focused and swam their hardest!  As always, Aquazot was distinguished by great teammate support, with Azot swimmers cheering on each other from both ends of the pool. This kind of team spirit really helped all the Aquazot athletes have great races.


Congratulations to Nathan Wu on setting 2 new team records:

11/12 boys 50 Back (30.24) and 11-12 boys 100 Back (1:04.78). Great job Nathan!


Also, a big round of applause for the Azot 11-12 boys for setting 4 new team records in 200 and 400 Medley Relays, as well as 200 and 400 Free Relays!

200 Free Relay:

Alex Schwartz, Ian Sun, Dylan Rosmann, Nathan Wu


400 Free Relay:

Alex Schwartz, Ian Sun, Cole Saeger, Nathan Wu


200 Medley Relay:

Daneel Polakoff, Nathan Wu, Ian Sun, Alex Schwartz


400 Medley Relay:

Daneel Polakoff, Nathan Wu, Ian Sun, Alex Schwartz



A big WOW for our seniors who earned their Sectional cuts:

Milan Bever

Ellie Scalzo

Ben Kim

Christian Perez

Chloe Hickman


Azot timed finals for 10&under Girls & Boys did not disappoint! Our youngest swimmers worked very hard to place in the top 16 at JAG:

-Morgan Vu placed 6th in 100 Breast

-Kira Dinh placed 9th in 100 Breast, 12th in 50 Breast and 50 Back, 15th in 100 Back and 50 Fly

-Amir Ali placed 6th in 100 Back and 50 Breast, 14th in 200 IM and 14th in 50 Back

-Mason Nguyen took 9th place in the 200 Free and 11th place in 100 Back

-Taylor Thongintra  earned 2nd in 50/100 Breast, 4th in 50 Fly/50 Back, and 5th in 100 Fly

-Justin Zhang placed 13th In 50 Fly, 10th Place in 50 Fly

-Eric Wang placed 13th in 100 Free, 12th in 200 Free, 15th in 50 Fly, 13th 100 fly


Both our 11-12 Girls & Boys were on fire! Congrats to everyone who placed top 8:

-Ayla Kailiponi ended up in 5th place in 50 Free

-Aliyah Fan placed 8th in the 50 Butterfly event.

-Zara Masud  1st in 200 Free/ 400 Free/200 IM/100 Fly, 2nd place in 50 Fly, 3rd place in 100 Back

-Charisse Hickman earned 7th place in 50 Breast

-Daneel Polakoff 4th place in 50 Back and 8th in 50 Breast

-Nathan Wu 1st place in all 6 races, 100 Back, 50 Fly, 100 Breast, 200 IM, 50 Back, and 50 Breast!

-Alex Schwartz  placed 4th in 200 Free, 3rd place in 400 Free

-Dylan Rosmann took 5th place in 100 Breast and 6th place in 50 Breast

-Ian Sun 3rd place in 50 Fly and 6th place in 100 Fly

-Christopher Mattar placed 8th in 100 Breast


Great job to our 13-14 Girls & Boys who got to swim "A" finals and for performing at their best:

-Milan Bever placed 5th in 200 Free, 7th in 400 Free, 8th in 100 Back

-Ellie Scalzo placed 4th in 100 Breast and 7th in 200IM/200 Breast

-Chloe Hickman got 4th in 200 Beast

-Christian Perez earned 4th place in 200 Breast and 6th place in 100 Breast


Congratulations to Michelle Tekawy who had a few personal best races, placing 1st in 100 Breast, 4th in 200 Breast and 7th in 50 Free, Nolan Chomin for placing finals in the 400 Freestyle event, Sidney Miller got personal best in the 100 Freestyle and 200 Backstroke event, Frances Dygean earned her best time in 50 Backstroke, Mirabella LeVine in the 100 Freestyle, Stephanie Lin in the 50 Freestyle, Sydney Rosmann in the 200 Breastroke and Amanda Anderson in the 100 Backstroke.

As always Aquazot swimmers had a super fun time during relays. All the teams did amazing and the following ones managed to place in the top-10 amongst some of the fastest Southern California and western region teams:


7-10 Boys relay teams:

-200 Free Relay placed 3rd

(Eric Wang, Amir Ali, Mason Nguyen and Taylor Thongintra).

-200 Free Relay placed 10th

(Joseph Baek, Matthew Chiang, Marco Pablo Tirado and Justin Zhang).

-200 Medley Relay placed 3rd

(Amir Ali, Taylor Thongintra, Justin Zhhang and Eric Wang).

-200 Medley Relay placed 10th

(Mason Nguyen, Marco Pablo Tirado, Joseph Baek, and Matthew Chiang).


11-12 Girls  relay teams:   

-400 Medley Relay placed 2nd

(Zara Masud, Kendall Rhee, Jaclyn Kanda, and Aliyah Fan)

-200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay placed 4th

(Ayla Kailiponi, Aliyah Fan, MaKenna Stinson and Zara Masud)


11-12 Boys relay teams:

-400 Medley Relay placed 1st

(Daneel Polakoff, Nathan Wu, Ian Sun, and Alex Schwartz).

-400 Medley Relay placed 5th

(Cole Saeger, Dylan Rosmann, Holden LeVine, and Christopher Mattar).

-400 Medley Relay placed 7th

(Nathan Theoret, Jared Tseng,Logan Dinh, and Matthew Han)

-200 Free Relay placed 3rd

(Alex Schwartz, Ian Sun, Dylan Rosmann and Nathan Wu)

-200 Free Relay placed 6th

(Holden LeVine, Daneel Polakoff, Christopher Mattar and Cole Saeger)

-200 Medley Relay placed 3rd

(Daneel Polakoff, Nathan Wu, Ian Sun and Alex Schwartz)

-200 Medley Relay placed 6th

(Nathan Theoret, Dylan Rosmann, Holden LeVine and Cole Saeger)

-400 Free Relay placed 3rd

(Alex Schwartz, Ian Sun, Cole Saeger and Nathan Wu)

-400 Free Relay placed 6th

(Holden LeVine, Christopher Mattar, Evan Wu and Dylan Rosmann)

-400 Free Relay placed 8th

(Daneel Polakoff, Nathan Theoret, Logan Dinh and Jaren Tseng)


13-14 Girls relay teams:

-200 Freestyle Relay placed 10th

(Ellie Scalzo, Chloe Davis, Sofia Kanda, Milan Bever)

-400 Freestyle Relay placed 5th

(Mirabella LeVine, Ellie Scalzo, Kiana Fan, Milan Bever)

-800 Freestyle Relay placed 7th

(Milan Bever, Mirabella LeVine, Cristina Taylor, Ellie Scalzo)

-400 Medley Relay placed 9th

(Genevieve Chomin, Ellie Scalzo, Milan Bever, Kiana Fan)


13-14 Boys relay teams:

-200 & 400 Freestyle Relay placed 9th

-800 Freestyle Relay placed 8th

(Nathaniel Ince, Aaron Li, Christian Perez, and George Andriashvili)


15 & Over Girls relay teams:

-800 Freestyle Relay placed 6th

(Michelle Tekawy, Amanda Anderson,Sydney Rosmann, Gabi Taylor)

-200 Medley Relay placed 10th

(Frances Dygean, Michelle Tekawy,Isabella Pagano, and Stephanie Lin)

-400 Medley Relay placed 9th

(Sydney Rosmann, Amanda Anderson, Isabella Pagano, and Michelle Tekawy)  


15 & Over Boys relay teams:

-200 Freestyle Relay placed 9th

(Javier Rodriguez, Sidney Miller, Ben Kim, Nolan Chomin)

-400 Freestyle Relay placed 10th

(Sidney Miller, Lukas Johansson, Nolan Chomin, Ben Kim)

-200 Medley Relay placed 9th

(Nolan Chomin, Lukas Johansson, Sidney Miller,Ben Kim)                   


Once again, a huge appreciation for our coaches and for all the hard work they put in to help athletes realize their best potential. A big thank you to all parents and their support not only for their own swimmers, but for the Aquazot team as a whole.

What a great way to start the Long Course championship season Aquazot!  Summer JOs are around the corner so let's keep working hard!