RENO Team Partners
Western Zones Team Travel

Hi Senior and National Parents,

The summer is a busy time! There are a lot of meets and travel packed into a short time. Our last team travel for the summer will be Western Zones in Clovis, CA (July 29 - August 3). Please read through this email for important information regarding the meet:

- If your swimmer is going to Western Zones, they will be required to participate in team travel. 

- The estimated cost for team travel should not exceed $750. It will most likely be in the $700 range. It just depends on the final number. I will be able to nail down the final cost once the notification deadline passes (June 26).

- The cost covers hotel, rental car, and gas. It does not include food, coach fee, or entries. We are staying at the same hotel as last year, so breakfast is available but it’s not free.

- Since this is a championship meet, the goal is to have two swimmers per room. If we have an odd number there may be a room of 3.

- Everyone will leave Reno the morning of Monday, July 29 and will return late on Saturday, August 3.

- We currently have 17 swimmers with Western Zone time standards and several swimmers very close. Here are the swimmers currently qualified:

  • Julie Abrigonde
  • Elena Aramini
  • Katelyn Buono
  • Addison Crain
  • Lydia Dyer
  • Reese Hollinger
  • Mallory Jennings
  • Emma Karam
  • Julia Kennedy
  • Sam Lindley
  • Nathan McAlister
  • David McLean
  • Ella Palmer
  • Aidan Pflieger
  • Alexia Taylor-Arredondo
  • Claire Trevithick
  • Nicole Van Geel

- The meet does offer bonus events. If a swimmer qualifies in one event, they can swim as many bonus events as long as they have the time standard. Bonus events are only offered for 200s and below.

- Each swimmer will also get 2 time trials, and RENO will be entering relays for this meet. Click here for the meet sheet, time standards and the bonus time standards.

- Please let me know if your child will be going to the meet by Wednesday, June 26. If your child does not have time standards yet but if they get a time before the meet and you will send them, also let me know. 

If you have any questions, let me know. Thank you!