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RENO Gamble Information

The RENO Gamble starts tomorrow! The coaching staff is looking forward to a great weekend. 

There is NO practice for any group on Friday or Saturday. 

There are several parents who have been working very hard to prepare for the meet. Thank you so much for your time and effort! Over the past 46 years, Reno Aquatic Club has always put on the best swim meets in the area. I know that tradition will continue this weekend thanks to our dedicated parents.

With that being said, we do still have some gaps in coverage for certain jobs. If you could pick-up an extra shift, we would greatly appreciate it. Hosting successful swim meets does require an "all hands on deck" approach. Thank you in advance! Click here to sign-up for a job.

The meet is a split session meet (13-older swimmers in the morning; 12-under in the afternoon). Based on the timeline, here is when the swimmers should arrive at the pool:

13 and Older

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – arrive at the pool no later than 6:45 AM; in the water for warm-up right at 7:00 AM. The meet starts at 8:30 AM.

12 and Younger

Friday and Saturday – arrive at the pool by 11:30 AM. The morning session should be done by noon and warm-ups will start immediately after. 

Sunday – arrive at the pool by 10:50 AM. The morning session should be done by 11:20 AM

Click here for an estimated timeline. (Reminder: timelines are just an estimate. It's rare for meets to be exactly on the timeline; they can run ahead or behind)

And finally, our meet director, Scott McLean, has asked if your family has a RENO tent that you took to a meet over the last year to be sure to bring it to Idlewild, so it can be used this weekend. Set-up for the meet begins this afternoon at 4:00 PM.

If you have any questions about this weekend, please contact me. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication!