PWSL week 2 results

Second week of the swim season is in the books. Piedmont's swimmer, Camille Spink, edged out a new PWSL record in the girl's 13-14 freestyle with a new time of 26.87. Within the team records, we had 36 team records broken across 16 diffenent teams. We even had one tie for a record that was from 1981. I am pretty sure that will fall next weekend.  

Finally, the last improvement came from My computer developement team has worked many hours this week with the new website. This week, the team computer reps were able to upload the meet files through out the day. We have started a new upgrade where you will be able to click on the swimmers name within a teams listed events to see the swimmers full day of entries and results. This is still under construction but should be fully operational soon. As of right now, the complete meet has to be done before it will show the swimmers full results list. We are still working on the top times for each event page and look forward to this in the future. As of right now HERE is a PDF of all the times in the county. Please feel free to post as needed for each team. 

The meets this weekend were not quite as close as last week. We had two meets where the teams swam up a division to only be edged out by 212 and 220 points. Currently, we still have 6 teams that are undefeated with two of these teams swimming each other next weekend. This should be a close fight. 

We also saw increase in the number of swimmers, splashes and time improvements over last weekend. The swimmer count increased from 3570 to 3586 with an increase from 9158 splashes to 9286. Finally, we had 4212 increases in final time over seed time as to last weeks 4024.  

Please see the updated  summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the PDF version of the summary report are  available to the computer reps on this site, while interactive results are available at