New Blue Wave MAAPP Policy Implemented



Blue Wave, as mandated by USA Swimming, has adopted new policies to be in compliance with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). All USA Swimming clubs must adhere to these standards to remain members in good standing with USA Swimming and Florida Swimming by June 23rd, 2019. All current members should have received an email with information regarding these policies and what the new responsibilities are for our members. In addition to that email, and this post, we have a permanent page dedicated to MAAP on our site. A link to that page can be found below:

Blue Wave MAAP Policy Page

These policies are required to be agreed to by all of our USA Swimming registered families. Most of our newer and younger swimmers are only registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and do not need to worry about the compliance paperwork. If you are not sure of your status, ask your training group coach for help.

This rollout came on us all quickly; and it came as we started the intense summer schedule. There are some important provisions and changes to how we can operate moving forward. Please take some time to review these changes. You can use the above link to use the to view the policy's details.

I know that there will be questions. Coaches from all over the country stil have questions as well. USA Swimming is updating us with clarifications on a regular basis regarding specific situations and scenarios. We will share those updates with you as well.

We all want only the best for the kids. These changes were instituted with that goal in mind. This is not just a swimming thing, it is beng required by all the National Governing Body organization USA-wide. Thanks for taking the time to get yourself up to speed on this issue and in compliance by accepting either the written or electronic acknowledgement forms; links to which can be found below:

Electronic Acknowledgement Form Link

Printable Acknowledgement Form On Page Six (6)

Thanks for being a partner in our children’s safety - Rich