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NewsSplash 6/25/2019

Hi Stingrays--just a few quick items below!



  • Don't forget that Lapapalooza is happening tomorrow!  There is no regular swim practice, so if your swimmer is not participating in Lapapalooza, please make alternate plans.

Volunteer Jobs for Crockett Meet


  • We have ONLY five open timing positions available for our 7/10 home meet vs. Crockett.  Reminder: ALL families who have not bought out are required to work their volunteer shifts (30 hours = 6, five hour shifts).  Any unworked hours will be taken from your deposit and/or billed to your account.  Support your team - sign up today!


ECI Additional Information

  • A quick correction to the last email that went out regarding ECI.  15-18 year old swimmers are able to swim in six events if they choose to.
  • If parents are interested in swimming in the parent relay, please contact team president, Janelle Mincy (  And bring a suit and towel if you'll be swimming!


Lost Backback

  • And last but not least, a backpack went missing after practice on Monday.  The backpack belongs to Ella Throne and if you found it or happened to pick it up on accident, please contact Jeremy Throne at Here are the details of the backback:
    • Small, blue Jansport backpack.  The bag has red trim and there is a large picture-button on the outside of the bag that contains a buddy picture of Ella, Ethan, and Nathan that was taken during team pictures this year.  The bag contains:
      • 1 black swimsuit
      • 1 pair green shorts
      • 1 pair goggles (aqua colored with tiger stripes)
      • 1 towel (blue with a flamingo design)
      • 1 green swim fin from Finis (the other fin was in the lost and found at the pool)
      • Hair supplies