Lumberjacks, Zebras, and Otters, Oh My!

Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.  Our week started with an action-packed relay carnival yesterday and closes on Saturday with a challenging A-meet matchup.  And those are just the bookends, with plenty more fun to be had in between.


As always, Glenwood showed up to race.  In a highly competitive and fantastically fun meet against all the fastest combinations of swimmers from the other five teams in our division, we pulled out a third-place finish.

The cherry on top of that accomplishment is that Glenwood will send two relay teams to the MCSL All-Star Relays on July 27 in Rockville. Congratulations to our 9-10 boys, Miles duLac, Matteo Rosenfield, A.J. Windt, and Sam Schoch, and to our 11-12 boys, Jack Garvey, Jack Shaffer, Jonathan Windt, and Donovan Carnell for their first-place finishes.


It happens every week on the same day, so please remind your swimmers to stop by the covered grilling area after practice tomorrow to see what they can buy for a buck!


We come home to race Wednesday night against…us!

On one side of this Glenwood vs. Glenwood contest are the Angry Lumberjacks, led by Coaches Gail Anderson and Bridget Laas and comprised of swimmers with last names beginning A-L.

Can the Lumberjacks cut down the other half of our Big Team, swimming under the moniker Mad Zebras, with Coaches Tess Mayfield and Michael Petrizzo leading the stampede?

As the paths of zebras and lumberjacks do not to our knowledge intersect, there is no pun we can think up to suggest an outcome, parents, so you’ll just have to join us at the pool to see what happens.

All swimmers should report for warmups at 5:15 p.m.  The meet starts at 6 p.m.  First in line to race is our PRE-TEAM, swimming freestyle for the first time in a big meet.  Help us cheer on the future of our team!


We have a few days yet before our Tigers hit the road again for a Saturday A meet.  But here are a couple of details for you to share with your swimmers now to get them FIRED UP!

Glenwood came into this season as the last seed in Division D.  (That’s why we have only two home A meets.)

After two wins and a strong performance at the relay carnival, Glenwood is now in second place in the division!

Who’s in first place?  The Quince Orchard Otters.  You can check out the division standings here.

So, let’s bring all our fire power to Gaithersburg this Saturday when we meet the Otters.  Please declare your swimmers one way or the other for this matchup and encourage them to give their all in the B meet, too.  Great racing Wednesday night always has the potential to shake up the Saturday morning lineup.


This is the can’t-miss event of the season and Glenwood has a long history of pulling off awards banquets with style and class.

We have Mary Petrizzo and Allison Mulholland to thank for the wonderful Glenwood banquets of recent years, but they are ready to step aside for the next caretakers of the tradition.

If planning and throwing a great party is your thing and you have an interest in taking on this job for our swim team next season, please join Mary and Allison at the B meet tomorrow as they sit down to begin strategizing for the 2019 banquet, slated for July 23 this year.  You can email Mary to express your interest.

That’s all the news for now, Glenwood! See you tomorrow at the B meet!

—Your Team Reps