Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.  It’s 4th of July week and the Big G is the place to be!

We’re halfway through the season and our Tigers are now in 3rd place in Division D, behind Quince Orchard and River Falls.

The team suffered its first loss in a dual A meet Saturday to Quince Orchard, 424 to 364.  That was disappointing, sure.  However, a review of MCSL meet results tells a more nuanced story.  Of the Division D teams that have competed against the top seed so far this season, Glenwood by far gave Quince Orchard its toughest challenge with only a 60-point spread.  By comparison, in the first two weeks of the season, QO won by 132 points and 152 points!

Points aside, we absolutely overwhelmed the Otters in spirit.  Please pass along a big thanks to all the Tigers who traveled with the team to cheer—their enthusiasm and support are unrivaled!


Ah, travel.  We all know the pitfalls, right?

We see a great deal online, the pictures look swell, we get excited about the possibilities.  But sometimes we arrive to find that things are not quite as promised.

Maybe there’s an alarming stain on the carpet right where our feet land each morning when we get out of bed.  Maybe we find a dead fly in the over-priced tropical fruit salad after we're already three-quarters of the way through the dish.  Maybe the “AC included” is a window model that sounds like a jumbo jet taking off every time we turn it on.

In these moments, our thoughts inevitably turn to home.

For the past two weeks, our team traveled to distant lands and raced in shallow waters.  We ate lunch sandwiches for breakfast.  As reward for our perseverance, we return this week to Glenwood.  To shady, green hills.  To fresh, hot meals.  To deeper, faster waters.

And we get to stay home.  All week long.


The theme for tomorrow’s meet is an over-the-top, patriotic mouthful and we love it!  Red, White, & Blue Bald Eagle Uncle Sam Freedom Democracy USA! USA!  Dress to impress with your best patriotic outfit and maybe win a prize! All swimmers report at 5:20 p.m. The meet starts at 6 p.m. with another round of Pre-team racing!

What leads to great racing in the evening?  A great breakfast in the morning just might!  Remind your swimmers to check out the $1 breakfast after their practices.


No swim practices.  Fun.  Sun (we hope).  Grilled goodies.  Crowds, yes, but they’re all neighbors and friends.

That’s the most important stuff.  See our previous overview of the details here.  Gates open at 10 a.m.


Coach Jeremy has a special holiday gift for his teen swimmers:  a little extra time to sleep the morning after the 4th.  All 13-18 year-olds report to practice at 8 a.m. Friday.  All other swimmers should report to practice at the normal time.

Then, bring the spirit back to Glenwood at 6:30 p.m. for a pep rally focused on this season’s graduating class.  Coach Kelly promises that we will celebrate our seniors in creative fashion!

Who are these senior Tigers?  Abby Ginter, Zora Hermans, Izzy Hermans, Bridget Laas, Ryan Niemczuk, Maryellen Schwartz, Liam Shaffer, Ben Simpson, Dermot O’Kelly, Soren Abnet-Holden.


Join us for our final home meet of the season on Saturday, July 6, when we welcome the Mohican swim club and bid a fond farewell to our 10 graduating seniors.

Coaches will send out a final lineup Thursday so please declare you swimmers here now.  Swimmers report at 7:50 a.m.  The meet starts at 9.


Here’s a last bit of information that fits neatly, we think, with the patriotic imagery so prevalent this week.

The American flag has stars and stripes, yes, but so do our 16 Glenwood Tigers who have achieved MCSL All-Star times so far this season!

Congratulations to Molly Benson, Max Bowman, Anna Bressler, Miles du Lac, Celia Ford, Jack Garvey, Lupe Garvey, Ami House, Bridget Laas, Lili Miller, Ryan Niemczuk, Matteo Rosenfield, Will Schoch, Brendan Smith, A.J. Windt, and Jonathan Windt.

It goes without saying that our Tigers are also coached by stars, but we’re going to say a little something anyway.  Today, Glenwood Coach Gail Anderson was named a Scholar All-American by the College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America—for the THIRD time!  Congratulations, Gail!

That’s all the news for now.  Swim fast, Tigers!

—Your Team Reps