Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

We shed our typical green garb for red, white, and blue at Wednesday’s intrasquad meet in homage to our nation’s birthday.

We also witnessed a mixed 100-meter race straight from the dreamscape of Coach Jeremy.

We watched this contest with high anxiety, worrying about whether “Random Middle-Aged Guy” would make it safely to the end or whether Mr. Shaffer would get a DQ for flipping onto his back and frog-kicking halfway through his leg of the Shaffer Men’s Sweatshirt Relay.  The hand-holding duo of Molly Benson and Celia Ford bested all those guys and also overwhelmed a footbound Leo Kugel and a human-chain of swimming Senior Women to win.

We’d like to say it was close.  It was not.  But we wonder if Random Middle-Aged Guy was holding back.


If you attended the B meet, you saw our Tiger Seniors who graduate at the end of this season run the pool perimeter to receive the traditional poolside high-fives.  If you missed that, don’t worry.  The feting continues today at the pep rally with a “Senior Send-off” at 6:30 p.m. at Glenwood.


While it’s true that we haven’t hosted much this season, we’re still the best around when it comes to hospitality.  Let’s roll out the red carpet for our guests from Mohican Saturday morning by reserving the main parking lot for the visiting team and sharing our grounds generously with their families.

Swimmers should report to Glenwood at 7:50 a.m.  The meet starts at 9 a.m.

Saturday is also Senior Day.  A close look at the lineup sent out by our coaches reveals some special relay teams comprised of graduating Tigers.  Then, at halftime, we will honor our 10 seniors.  Congratulations to Abby Ginter, Zora Hermans, Izzy Hermans, Bridget Laas, Ryan Niemczuk, Maryellen Schwartz, Liam Shaffer, Ben Simpson, Dermot O’Kelly, and Soren Abnet-Holden.


After the racing concludes and we parents have our afternoon naps, everyone is welcome to return to the pool Saturday evening for the first Glenwood swim-and-screen event of the summer.  Bring a floatie and catch Toy Story at the pool, starting at sundown.  The snack bar crew is on board to grill hot dogs for $1 each and sell box candy.

After swimmers take in the first movie in the Toy Story trilogy, they are invited to join the team Tuesday afternoon for the annual Glenwood Movie.  It will be Toy Story 4 this year!  Stay tuned for more details from our coaches.


On Tuesday evening, we will send two Glenwood Tigers to the Montgomery County Swim League 2019 Coaches Long Course meet.

What’s that?

All summer long, all over the county, MCSL swimmers race in 25-meter pools.  At Coaches Long Course, select swimmers in the league race in the same 46 individual events featured in the regular MCSL dual meets. This time, however, the distances are doubled and the races take place in a 50-meter pool!

The 8 fastest MCSL swimmers in each event, based on the results of the first three Saturday meets, qualify for this meet.  Glenwood’s Molly Benson earned a spot in the 15-18 Girls Freestyle event and Celia Ford ranked as an alternate in the Girls 15-18 Fly.

These are hard cuts to make, so congratulations to these Glenwood women!  You can cheer them on at 6 p.m. at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center.

That’s all the news for now, Glenwood.  Swim fast, Tigers

--Your Team Reps