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RENO News - 7/8/19

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!

It’s going to be a busy week for Reno Aquatic Club. RENO swimmers will be attending three different meets this weekend. We have a group going to the Tahoe Meet, 14 swimmers will be attending the Senior 2 meet in Pleasant Hill, CA, and 8 swimmers will be competing at Pacific JOs in Concord, CA. Despite the meets, we will have the normal practice schedule.

Coach Erin Moving to New York

As many of you know, Coach Erin is moving to New York City to obtain a Master’s Degree from NYU. She will be attending the Tahoe meet, and her last day is this Sunday. Erin has been a huge asset for RENO over the last few years. I am so thankful she re-joined the staff when I was named head coach. She has brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the team. We will greatly miss her and wish her the best of luck on her new adventure!

Coach Susan Returns to RENO

While we are going to miss Erin, I am excited to announce that Susan Schraeder is returning to the pool deck! Coach Susan will take over the Blue and Mini groups starting next Monday and will continue coaching these groups in the fall.

Susan has decades of experience as a coach and has had a tremendous impact on the team. She was the main age-group coach for RENO’s two Olympic Trial qualifiers in 2016, Donna DePolo and McKenna Meyer, as well as many of our top senior swimmers. Susan has a proven track record of developing swimmers and helping them fall in love with the sport. I am very excited to have Susan back on the deck! 

Team Break

Reno Aquatic Club’s annual team break is set for August 5 – 18. There will be no practices for any groups during the break. Swimming can be a grind. I feel it is very important for our swimmers to get time away from the pool, so they can recharge and refocus.

Practices will resume August 19. I submitted our lane requests for the fall through spring to the City of Reno last week. As soon as I receive our lane allocations, I will be able to create our fall practice schedule. I will email it once everything is finalized. 

Sierra Summer Swim League Novice Meet

RENO is partnering with Silver Bear Swim School to host the SSSL Summer Championships on Saturday, July 27th in Carson City. This meet is perfect for swimmers in our Blue, Mini, and Summer Swim Program.

If you are interested in having you child participate, you will need to email me by Monday, July 22. Payment will be due at the meet on July 27.  Click here for the meet information.

High Country Championship

RENO’s end of the summer championship meet is the High Country Championship in Minden, NV. The meet takes place August 2 – 4. For all swimmers not going to Western Zones, the coaches strongly encourage you to attend High Country. It’s a great way to wrap up summer, and our goal is to place as high as possible in the team standings!

Registration is now open. Click here to register. 

Parent Education

John Leonard, the CEO of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), has over 45+ years of coaching experience. He recently published an article of ten ways that a parent’s behavior can sabotage their child’s swim career and ten helpful solutions:

Sabotage #1: Give the child a material reward for good performance: a visit to McDonald's at age 8, for example.

Helpful Solution #1: Let the rewards be internal. Let the sport "belong" to the child, not be something that the parents want. Help them understand the value of working hard to improve themselves and allow them opportunities to prove themselves through their sport.

Sabotage #2: Demand that the child keep up with another kid, who always wins.

Helpful Solution #2: Understand that children develop at different rates in terms of size, strength, coordination, emotional and intellectual maturity, and just about everything else. Allow your children to compete only against themselves and measure them only against their own best efforts.

Sabotage #3: Coach your child yourself, part time.

Helpful Solution #3: Parents are for unconditional love and support. Coaches are for critical analysis of performance and developing physical, emotional and tactical skills. If you doubt your coaches' ability to coach, talk to them about it or go somewhere else, where you trust the coach.

Sabotage #4: Insist that your child swim the race the way you want it swum, the way you did it or how you saw it in the Olympics.

Helpful Solution #4: Techniques to swim races vary; swimming for a 10-year-old isn't what it is for a 20-year-old or an Olympic swimmer. Allow the coaches to select the race strategy that they deem age appropriate and developmentally proper for your child.

Sabotage #5: Get them a candy bar before they swim so they'll have some quick energy when they dive in.

Helpful Solution #5:Sugar creates an immediate "sugar high" in the bloodstream followed by a huge dip in blood sugar, so just about the time your child gets up to swim he or she will want to lie down and rest.  If they must eat between races and meals, offer a bagel or non-sugar carbohydrate snack.

Sabotage #6: Tell your 15-year-old, "You were so good when you were 8!"

Helpful Solution #6: Don't compare past results if you had a precocious swimmer. Encourage improvement, and if the times aren't improving as they age, be glad they still enjoy swimming. The pool is a better option than the mall.

Sabotage #7: Stand by the side of the pool each time the child swims to offer support, cheering wildly and emotionally.

Helpful Solution #7: Sit down. Smile. Cheer internally. When your child comes back, ask how he or she thought the race went. Listen. Be quiet. Learn.

Sabotage #8: When your child does well, demonstrate your enthusiasm with words like "Wonderful" and behave as if you can't believe the child could do something worthwhile.

Helpful Solution #8: Making a big deal of a best time seems as if you are surprised the kid could do it. Express your confidence that the wonderful thing you just saw is an everyday event for a child as dedicated, hardworking and talented as yours.

Sabotage #9: Tell your child he or she "must" make this time, place, final, or medal.

Helpful Solution #9: Avoid crushing pressure. Let the child know that each swim is an opportunity to go fast. If you miss on this one, you'll get another chance shortly. No one swim meet is make it or break it for an athlete's career.

Sabotage #10: Spend your time on the way home dissecting how your child, the coach, or other children did.

Helpful Solution #10: Go home. Feed your child. Don't talk about the race unless your child wants to. Let the sport belong to the child, not to you.

Each week, I will post the “Parent Education” section on the website.   Click here to read the archived articles.

Meet Schedule

Here are the upcoming meets for Reno Aquatic Club:

- July 12 – 14 – Swimming at Altitude / South Lake Tahoe (optional for Orange group and below)

- July 12 – 14 – Pacific JOs / Concord, CA (14-under swimmers with qualifying times)

- July 12 – 14 – Senior 2 T/F / Pleasant Hill, CA (15-over swimmers with qualifying times)

- July 19 – 21 – NNA Trials/Finals / Reno, NV (talk with coach)

- July 27 –  Sierra Summer Swim League Championships / Carson City, NV (Blue, Mini, Summer Program) 

- July 30 – August 3 – Western Zones Senior Championships / Clovis, CA (senior swimmers with qualifying times)

- August 2 – August 4 – High Country Championships / Minden, NV (end of the season championship – all swimmers who aren’t attending Western Zones)

- August 6 – 10 –  Summer Junior Nationals / Palo Alto, CA (swimmers with qualifying times)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans

Head Coach