2019 Longcourse Regional Championships News

Ohio Long Course Regional Championships
Our swimmers competed well in the Ohio Long Course Regionals Championships!  Many time drops and several new JO cuts.  This was a good conclusion to a quick and hot swim season!  I applaud all of the swimmers for their hard work and dedication this year!
Congratulations to Anneliese Brouwer for her JO cuts in the 200 IM, 100 free and 100 breast and Max Brunner for his JO cuts in the 50 free and 400 free!
Congratulations to Petal Sloan for her new team record in the 13-14 girls 200 free with a time of 2:19.78 AND the 13-14 girls 400 free with a time of 4:57.56 and to Max Brunner for his 13-14 boys 400 free record with a time of 4:42.61!
11-12 girls free relay 8th place (Mueller, Plagge, Charles, Brouwer). 11-12 girls medley relay 9th place (Carroll, Mueller, Brouwer, Plagge)
First place:  Anneliese Brouwer (200 IM), Max Brunner (400 free) Third place:  Anneliese Brouwer (100 breast), Max Brunner (200 IM), Ryan Corson (200 breast), Petal Sloan (400 free) Fourth place:  Max Brunner (50 free), Ryan Corson (100 breast), Petal Sloan (200 free) Sixth place: Petal Sloan (100 back) Seventh place: Max Brunner (100 back), Ryan Corson (400 free),Petal Sloan (100 back)
9th-16 places scored points:  Alexander Beltsos (15th 50 back), Ryan Corson (13th 200 free, 12th 50 free, 11th 100 free), Evie Durepo (10th 100 free, 12th 50 back, 13th 100 breast, 9th 100 back, 10th 50 free), Annie Gammon (11th 100 breast, 14th 200 breast), Max Holthaus (12th 50 breast, 10th 100 breast), Zach McPherson (14th 100 back), Ava Mueller (11th 50 breast, 14th 100 breast), Julia Redder (13th 100 breast, 15th 200 breast)