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League Meet Program Ads and Messages

2019 Twin Counties Swim League
Program Ads and Messages
Due Friday, July 12th at 12:30 P.M,


Every year, the Twin Counties Swim League Program is made extra-special by personal messages to our Stingrays swimmers.  A full page message, half-page wish, or even a quarter page cheer for good luck can personalize the program for your swimmer and bring a joyful end to the season!  Or your business or employer can show their support for the Stingrays by placing an advertisement or a message to their favorite swimmer.

All ads are in black and white and all money goes directly to BSR.  All messages or ads must be “camera ready,” grayscale and in .pdf or .jpeg format, leaving a ½” margin around the page for printing.  Pay close attention to the size requirements and make sure your ad is within the size limits–if it is too large it will get cut-off in the printing!

All submissions should be emailed to: in .pdf or .jpeg format and must be grayscale.  All payments should be placed in the FADE family folder.  Submissions and payments must be received no later than 12:30 p.m. on Friday, July 12th.  Make checks payable to Benicia Stingrays. Please call Anna Fade at (925) 917-9136 or email her at with any questions.

Prices and sizes for the messages and business ads:

  • Full page: (7½ inches wide x 10 inches tall) = $80
  • Half page: (7½ inches wide x 4 7/8 inches tall) = $45
  • Quarter page: (3-7/8 inches wide x 4-7/8 inches tall) = $30

Each team is allotted 8 total pages (4 front/back) for messages and ads.  This is a terrific opportunity for the Stingrays to show our team spirit!