Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.  We have not one, but two reports from the Tiger t-shirt beat.  I know, right?

The Division D Championship meet is coming up fast—next Saturday—and we know our swimmers want to look good for the big event.  Lucky for us, Tiger talent makes it all possible.


Every year, swimmers have the option of purchasing a division t-shirt commemorating the season.  This summer, the official Division D tee features the design work of a group of Glenwood Tigers!

This order form includes a sample of the t-shirt, which is stone blue in color.

Act quickly!  Orders are due by 8 p.m. July 13 and should be placed in the Vagnucci family folder in the pool manager’s office, complete with payment.  Shirts are $17 for all sizes except 2XL, which is $19.

Pre-ordered shirts will be delivered during the division champs meet next Saturday.


Why settle for one cool tee when you can have two?  Come join the Glenwood tradition of decorating green t-shirts using bleach sticks on the Wednesday before the big meet.

Don't wait until the last minute.  NOW is the time to get your t-shirt!

Shirts must be ALL -COTTON and PRE -WASHED!  Trust us, cotton is best—cotton-polyester blends don’t work well with the bleach!

  • Write your child's name on the label with a Sharpie before the event.
  • Have your child wear old clothes – bleach can stain.
  • Don't forget your cardboard!

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 17 (or July 18th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. if your child can't make the morning edition).

SCHEDULE:  Except for 13-18s, kids will design their shirts ½ hour before practice, and pick them up after practice. 13-18s will design immediately after practice.  Once bleached, the tees will need to "set" for about an hour.

8:15 am:  11-12s

9:00 am:  13-18s

9:10 am:  9-10s *

9:45 am:  8 & unders *

* Parents of 9-10s, 8&unders, please plan to stay and help your child with the design and rinsing of the shirt!!!

WHERE:  Tables behind the snack bar, on the back deck.

WHAT TO BRING: an all-cotton, pre-washed GREEN t-shirt, cami, tank, or polo (only one per swimmer) and a piece of thick, corrugated cardboard about 18 inches square, to slip inside the shirt.

Questions?  Email Ramona Butchko at  rbutchko@verizon.net

And that, Glenwood parents, is all the t-shirt news for today!

—Your Team Reps