RENO Team Partners
Tahoe Meet Info

Good Morning,

I apologize for the delay in sending an email about the Tahoe Meet this weekend. I have been delaying the email, because I was waiting to receive the meet info (timeline, psych sheet, timing chairs, etc.). Unfortunately, I still haven’t received any information. It also doesn’t appear to be posted on their website. This makes it tough for families/coaches to plan. 
Coach Erin will be attending the meet for RENO. I have CCed her on this email. I suggest you send her an email with a cell number for you, and she could start a group chat to keep everyone in the loop as she finds out info throughout the weekend. I am currently in the Bay Area for the Senior 2 meet. If I receive any info, I will be sure to forward it to Erin ASAP.
According to the meet sheet, warm-ups for today (Friday) start at 2:00 PM and the meet starts at 3:00 PM.
On Saturday, 11-up are in the morning. Warm-ups start at 7:15 AM; meet starts at 8:30 AM. The 10-unders will start after the morning session is complete.
On Sunday, the 10-under swimmers are in the morning. Warm-ups start at 7:45 AM and the meet starts at 9:00 AM.
Again, I am sorry I don’t have more information to share with you. Have a fun weekend and swim fast!