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Meet/warm up info from Old Pike
Old Pike address
5101 Old Pike Rd Gladstone, MO 64118


Old Pike is excited to host New Mark on Tuesday evening. I thought it would be helpful to pass on the following information for your coaches and families.



Old Pike is a six lane pool. You will need to provide 9 timers and 18 watches per half. Please also remember to provide a Clerk of the Course for each half. 


Please let me know how many Stroke and Turn Officials you will be providing. We will have parking for Officials and meal passes. Your coaches will also be provided with meal passes. 


New Mark warm-ups will begin  at 5:15 pm. We will have an Officials meeting  at 5:30and timers meeting  at 5:40  The meet will begin  at 6:00


Our visiting teams are welcome to sit on the west side of the pool in front of the tennis courts. You can also sit on the tennis courts. Our team sits on the south and east sides. You can bring pop-up tents to provide shade. We will have workers to assist with parking. Heat Sheets will be available as you enter the pool deck. 


Concessions will be available in our  snack shack. We will have walking tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and other snacks available. We will have a shaved ice truck available too!


Please let me know if you have any questions!  We are excited to see you Thursday!