Clippers Break Top 40 In USA

One of the goals going into the David Webb Meet was to improve our national ranking from our 54th ranking. We are pleased to announce that we have accomplished this goal. With the new rankings out....The Clippers are ranked 38th overall in the USA.(over 2,800 teams in the country)

These rankings are based on our swimmers ages 11&over.
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This is a very great accomplishment knowing that many of the teams ahead of us at this time come from larger populated areas with in some cases double the amount of swimmers to score from(we only have 117 swimmers old enough to score for us). Looking at the top 10 teams in the country some of them have over 500+ kids in their programs. #1 and #2 has over 1,000 swimmers on their teams!!!

Our next goal will be to improve on the 158,473 points we have scored as a team so far. Keep swimming hard Clippers and good luck in Championships...Let's Be Content....Not Satisfied!!!