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2019 Championship Meet information

NSC Championship Meet information

July 22-24, 2019

Good Evening,

           This is a summary of next week and the championship meet.  Practices will still be held each day for Conference Qualifiers.  Conference T Shirts will be delivered by Martin Marketing at practices on Monday.  I will get with the Board and see who has the Conference Qualifier Bag Tags from the banquet and see if someone can have them at practices to hand out as I am the NSC Championship Meet Director and I will be at Tiffany Springs for another walk through Monday morning to confirm all is set and ready for that evening. 

The Championship Meet will be held at Tiffany Springs aquatic center each night July 22-24 with a rainout day on the 25th.  If we get rain AND Cancel, we will just push everything back ONE day.  The Meet Starts at 5:45pm each night. 

Monday will be prelims for all 10 and under swimmers and boys age 11/12 and those age group medley relay. 

Tuesday night are Prelims for 11/12 Girls and 13 and over swimmers and their age group medley relays. 

Wednesday night is for ALL swimmers that placed in the top 16 and the Freestyle Relays.

Senior Night is on TUESDAY night!  

Seniors will be recognized at 5:30 pm.  Seniors will meet at the starting blocks by the high dive at 5:20pm. Wednesday night we will be having a celebratory start.  They Kansas City Mayor will be starting our meet and one individual from each team has been chosen to swim the flags.   The flag representative from each team should report to the announcer area at 5:30 PM Wednesday.  Our NMST Flag Represenatitve is our 2019 Eddie Hayes award winner- Tess Armstrong.  Congratulations Tess!  

Crash areas a will be sent out this weekend.   All Crash areas will be painted off and a chart of the crash area will be emailed out later this weekend.

There is to be NO CRASHING inside the FENCES.  Please be considerate of other teams and families. 


NSC President has set the warm up assignments this year for the Championship meet.

New Marks warm up will be at 4:05 pm each night.  NMST will be in Lanes 1-3 in the competion pool for starts  and backstroke flags and warm up etc. We also will have lanes in the warm up pool first session in lanes 1-2 (closest to the bulkhead)  Coaches will talk more on this at practice Monday after I send them out Donovan's instructions. 

Our Bleachers will be marked on the WEST side of the pool this year behind the NMST Coaches.  (Sun to our Backs) Please be courteous to the teams around you and no impede on their bleachers.  Bring your Spirit.  We will still have spirit fans for sale for $1.00 “Catch the FEVER.”  Bring spirit signs, Stingray Cutouts, Pom pons etc.!! Be loud, Be Proud!  We can post our signs on the inside of the fence just pick and area and keep all our teams signs together.  Let’s WIN the spirit award!

If you need to scratch Prelims, you need to tell Coaches they coach will report to the admin office to scratch.  This must be done by 5:15pm each night. If you make finals and know you won’t be swimming, ALERT your COACH immediately to declare your intent not to swim so we alert an alternate.  If you are an alternate, you can still some to the clerk of the course and check in on finals night. You could end up swimming in finals if someone doesn't show up.   Finals night scratches must be reported and be an appropriate scratch i.e.; Sick, Injured etc. If you miss your events on Wednesday without an appropriate Scratch, you will be removed from further competition and relays Wednesday and will not be awarded any medals, ribbons or points for your team. 

Clerk of the Course will be on the HILL under the LARGE umbrella inside the fence.  You need to report to the clerks of the course for chair assignments to wait.  Swimmers, please be courteous of these volunteers and listen.  On Wednesday, you must be led off the hill with the officials in charge of Clerking that night to the NEXT set of Chairs.  You must be in those chairs or you are considered a NO-SHOW and will be scratched from the meet.  We are asking EACH TEAM to send a Coach to the clerk of the course with their 10 and Under kiddos for RELAYS to help lead them. Parents, if you are taking your kiddo to the clerk of the course, please drop them off and clear the area. 

Spectators are NOT ALLOWED behind the BLOCKS.  This area is roped off for officials, swimmers and timers.  You will be asked to leave. NO Photography, or Videos shall be taken from behind the blocks.  NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed at the meet.  Smoking, Illicit drugs, Vaping and alcohol are PROHIBITED at USA SWIM MEETS. Cameras and recording devices are also prohibited in changing rooms. 

If you are signed up for a Volunteer Job, Please check in with your Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you arrive.  Know what job you are doing and the half you are assigned.  Volunteer coordinators will check in at the YELLOW Canopy next to the swim office at 5:15 PM and again at the Start of Backstroke to confirm that their workers are present.  Workers, please be punctual.  Please wait for your relief and do not abandon your post. If your relief has not shown, we will get the teams Volunteer rep there to fix it. If you are a First half Safety Marshal, you need be in your vest and be at the swim office tent at 4:00pm for assignments.  Warmups will NOT start until safety marshals are in place.  No wondering from your volunteer posts.  Each team is to bring their own stop watches and clipboards for timers. Each team also needs to bring all left over ribbons to the yellow canopy on Monday in a LABELED bag for counting and inventory.

The warmup pool is only for warmups and cool downs.  No Diving, no” fun swimming”, no horseplay and only swimmers entered in the meet shall be in the pool.  The lanes will run the opposite direction this year in the warmup pool and the lane closest to the bulkhead is OFF LIMITS! No swimmer shall be in that lane after the start of the meet.  Peeking or hanging on the bulkhead is prohibited and you will be asked to move.  It is keeps happening you will be asked to vacate the warmup pool.

Awards are given for 1st thru 24th place. The spirit award ballot will be given to the Coaches to VOTE on Tuesday night and the award will be given out Wednesday at the conclusion of the meet.  The Tim Kidder award will  be handed out prior to the swim meet on Wednesday and that will take place at 5:30pm followed by the celebratory start.

Call Challenges: 

Coaches will report any and ALL challenges to the meet REF Craig Hill.  He is the only one that shall be approached with a challenge. If you can’t find him, come to the swim office and we will locate him ASAP.  NO PARENT is to confront a swim official with questions about an event.  They are to go to their respective team coach. They will seek out the appropriate official to make the challenge.


Championship Heat sheets are $5.00 and will be available at 4:30pm


Hy-Vee will be at the meet for concessions.  IT IS CASH ONLY!  Hamburgers, Chips, Drinks and possibly Ice cream.  (They are working on this.)


Swim Quik will be there each night with Swim Supplies and equipment for purchase.

John Leigh Tees will be back at conference!  Johnny will be at Conference again this year with the meet T-shirt booth.  We have a cool Meet design this year!  He will also have PLENTY of other Swim related options available.  Stop by and see Johnny and Marlena.

JOLYN Swimwear will be at conference on Monday AND Wednesday ONLY!  If you are looking for a suit at the trunk show, please be responsible with your time and trying on suits at the trunk show so you don’t miss an event! Shannon from Jolyn will NOT be there Tuesday.

Weather looks to be ok but still warm. Drink lots of water and stay out of the heat prior to the event.

On another NOTE: This is my last year serving on the NMST Board. It has been a 6 year run and I have made life long friends and swim family.  You will still see us around next season but it will be Ethan's last year of eligibility and and am going to take a step back and soak up his last summer New Mark season.  Thank you for all of your hard work over the years.  It takes a village and we have a GREAT VILLAGE. My family and I would also like to extend our Thanks for all the cards, hugs and thoughts on recent the loss of my Father. It was a tough season with his illness and your support and prayers for our family was very much appreciated in this time of sadness. 

Watch for more Confernece info to come out this week!  Swim Fast Stingrays!

Kindest Regards,

Kim Bernhardt