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County Apparel

County Swimmers,


Please see the following note from the County Committee regarding sold out County Apparel:


Thank you for helping the first day of the meet run smoothly.  Getting all the relay trials completed on Friday is always a challenge with so many people on the campus at the same time.  It will feel much less crowded the next 2 days.

One unexpected issue we came across today was that we sold out of most of our apparel very fast.  Even with 10% less swimmers than last year, we ordered 30% more apparel than we had last year.  We want to make sure every swimmer/family member is able to order whatever items they would like.  We have created an online store that will allow orders to be placed by Monday night, and all items will be available for pickup 2 weeks from today.  Here is the link to the online store:
Thank you for understanding, and please reach out to us if you have any questions.