Back To School, Back To The Pool - 2019-2020 Season Overview

Hi All,

I wish I were sending out a detailed wrap up on this past season. This was a great summer; one filled with many new cuts, best times, team records as well as many individual and team accomplishments. Time, unfortunately, is at a premium. There is much going on behind the scenes to continue to improve everyone’s experience here at Blue Wave and BSAC as a whole. Thanks for your patience as we put it all together and roll it out When we complete these projects, it will definitely have a positive impact on us all. Right now, let’s jump into some important information regarding this upcoming season. Go ahead, grab something to drink and let’s get this season off the ground!

Today is a big day. Many on our club started their first day of school earlier this morning. I haven’t forgotten the varied emotions of this important day for parents and their children. Been there, done that. Academics are important. Here’s to a great academic year for all of our members. 

In addition to the excitement of a new school year, we are also embracing the start of a new swim season. We have some changes in store for this season, which I will outline below. But please, don’t worry, we understand that the first week of school is hectic. We will all get back into the rhythm of this time of year very soon. Adjust your schedules as needed this week to acclimate.

Mornings Begin This Week

We will offer morning workouts on Tuesdays through Fridays again this year beginning this week. Mornings begin at 5:15am or 6:00am and run to 7:00am. 

Tentative Meet Schedule Has Been Posted

We have posted the meet lineup through the end of the short course season in early April. We have some new events and opportunities this season. These include a home meet in December, a travel trip to Fort Myers in January and a revamped Instructional Meet format that will include some new events and options.

When you look at the schedule, you will notice that some meets are highlighted in red. These are target meets. These are the meets where tech suits are allowed to be worn. All other meets should be swum in a team suit.

Speaking Of Team Suits

We had a meeting with our senior swimmers this summer. We had an open dialog about what type of team we would like to become. The swimmers liked the idea of being more uniform at practices and meets. Toward that end, we will make team suits available to our families. We would like swimmers who attend non targeted meets to wear that suit to the competitions. The swimmers also wanted their teammates to wear Blue Wave caps at practices as well. I commend them for asking us to institute these policies and will get to work to make it happen sooner rather than later. Look for more on outfitting soon.

Season Overview

This is an Olympic year. We have to keep that in mind when we make our meet schedule. Of course, the vast majority of our swimmers are not looking to make an Olympic Trials cut just yet, but we must also accommodate those who are in that hunt. We will make long course meets available to our seniors this year as you can only qualify for Trials in long course.

The high school season is in swing. Most of the swimmers will have their State Championship the weekend of November 15th. We have decided to make that same weekend a target meet for our age groupers. We have put a short course prelims / finals meet on that weekend. It will be held in Sarasota. It will also be another opportunity for senior level swimmers who did not make states to swim that weekend as well.

We are planning a Florida AAU District Championship in early December as well as a National AAU Short Course Championships between Christmas and New Years as well. The later would be a home meet at BSAC. We hope our swimmers will use the weekend of November 15th as an opportunity to make their AAU National cuts. If they do not, the District meet will provide another opportunity to make the meet.

Camps & Clinics

We will offer a variety of camps and clinics throughout the course of the season. These are great opportunities to grow and develop in the sport. We have posted the clinic dates and will post the camp dates very soon as well.

Season Ending Meets

For our high performance swimmers, we will target both March NCSA meets again this year. FLAGS will be used to get 14 & Under NCSA cuts and Senior Champs will be the last opportunity for those without 18 & Under Junior National cuts to achieve those times. The season will end early April with an entire team event. We will work personally to adjust the training and meet schedules for those preparing for Omaha.

There Is So Much More To Add

...but I won’t pile on the info just yet. I know everyone has a lot on their plate this week. Just know that your staff is behind the scenes, focused and ready for another amazing run. I love the start of new seasons...everything is possible. Dream big and do what is needed everyday to make those dreams come true.

That’s it for now...see you at the pool - RIch