Lessons Relearned Behind A Dump Truck

A quick observation from my drive home after this morning's workout...

The morning drive has gotten a tad longer now that school is in session. As a busy person, every minute counts and I wanted to get home as fast as possible to get on with the tasks of the day. This morning I saw a school bus turning down the street that I normally use to get home. Instead of following my GPS prescribed path, I decided to be clever and take the next street up.

When I got to the light to turn left, I noticed a dump truck turning onto the street I so cleverly chose to avoid a potential stop or two from the school bus. For a second I thought, “ I could try to get back on the busy main road from the turn lane and try the next street up”. That was certainly not an option; simply for safety reasons alone. I reluctantly made the turn.

As I sat in my car behind what felt like endless stops by the sanitation crew, I started to laugh. “The easy way is the hard way,'' I repeated to myself in my head. This was a lesson I learned many years ago through experience. I am sure many of you have heard me say that phrase more than once on deck. Well, I guess some lessons need to be reinforced now and again.

My quick point in this post today is to remind everyone that what may seem like a shortcut, may actually be a setback in the long run. There is no easy way, no silver bullet and no glory without a solid plan and the ability to stick to it. Take it from me. The “easy” way can really stink sometimes.

See you at the pool - Rich