September 7 2019 Newsletter

Yearly Fees


Registration fees for the 2020 swim year will be due October 1st.  If you have paid your registration fees in September, you do not have to pay again.  The cost once again this year will be $150 per swimmer.  This fee will include yearly insurance, registration fees and equipment and administration fees for USA swimming, Pacific swimming and Northern Nevada Aquatics.


NNA has recently purchased several things for our swim club and the facilities that we use.  We have purchased new diving blocks to help with meets at Northwest pool for NNA and Washoe County School District.  These blocks were badly needed to be able to continue high school swimming at Northwest pool.  NNA has also purchased a lane line and flags for Caughlin Athletic club so that we can continue practicing in a top tier facility.  We also need some new timing equipment for our swim meets and swim fins as well as buoys and kick boards that we use so often at Northwest pool.  NNA is the leading contributor to equipment used at the facility out of all the user groups.

            Team Costs and Administrative costs.

These fees are covered by the income we bring in from our various events such as swim meets and swim a thons.  (See below)


Burn the Bird Swim a Thon

This year we are going to tweak our usual Burn the Bird Endurance Challenge.  This year it will also be a Swim-A-Thon where the swimmers will get sponsorships for the amount of laps that they complete.  There will still be the Endurance Challenge aspect for those that want to just swim.  The event will be held on Saturday, September 30ththis year.  We will have several prizes for the amount that you get donated to our team such as team swim suits and team parkas.  More information will be out on this very soon.


Parent Meeting

Wednesday Spetember 18th, we would like to continue our series of parent meetings to help with communication on/about competitive swimming and our organization. Please come if you are new to the team and bring as many questions as you would like.  We will have several topics to go over this quarter including the series of swim meet progressions and time standards.  


Team Store

The updated team store will be open this week.  Look at it to make any equipment purchases you want at our team discount.  Our new store will be through Making Waves.  This organization bought out the old Norcal swim shop.  Now that the site is up and running, we should be good to go again.

The site.


Team Anniversary

Thank you to everyone for making this team such a success!  On September 1, our team turned 10 years old.  We started humbly with only six members and have grown to over 200 swimmers.  I hope to continue the phenominal success in the future!



Normal Practice Schedules for all of September.  We are planning on all regular practices for the month with no cancellations.

Upcoming Events.

September 13-15. Molly Lahlum meet in Minden. (Meet closed)

September 20-22. Truckee Freeze in Truckee CA. (Sign ups open until Wednesday Sept 18th)

October 4-6.  CCA Spooktacular in Roseville CA.  This meet fills up VERY quickly.  Please sign up as soon as it opens up.

October 12.  Battle Mountain Swim a Thon for Lander County.

October 18-20.  Fall Classic in Carson City.

October 26.  NNA Novice meet at Northwest pool.  10am-1pm.

November 8-11.  Nevada State Championships in Las Vegas.  For all qualified.  Qualification times are on our website under the events tab.

November 30.  NNA Burn the Bird challenge and Swim a thon.


Please see the Practices Schedule tab for our current practice schedule.