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RENO News - 9/9/19

Here’s important Reno Aquatic Club info for the week of September 9. 

Please note: there will be NO practice for any groups on Friday, September 13 and Saturday, September 14 due to the Minden Meet.

Minden Meet – September 13 – 15

Thank you to all the families who signed up for the Minden meet. We have 45 RENO swimmers attending. I will send out an email later this week with more information.

Upcoming Practice Changes

Here are some upcoming changes to the RENO practice schedule:

Friday, September 13 – No practice for any groups due to Minden meet

Saturday, September 14 – No practice for any groups due to Minden meet

King of the Hill Meet – October 18 – 20

RENO's King of the Hill meet is open for registration. Please register soon. We expect the meet to fill-up quickly. Click here to sign-up.

State Meet

The annual Nevada State Championships will take place in Henderson, NV over Veteran’s Day Weekend. The details aren’t posted, but from my understanding the meet will take place Friday, November 8 – Monday, November 11. Friday will be the distance events in the afternoon/evening.

The State qualifying times should not change from last year.   Click here for a link to the 2018 qualifying times.

Last year, we had many families scratch out of finals on the last day due to travel arrangements that required them to leave early. Please be sure you book your travel, so swimmers do not have to miss finals on Monday. 10-under swimmers will finish mid-day on Monday. 

I will have more information in the coming weeks.

Parent Education

With the first meet of the 2019/2020 season this weekend, I want to share some thoughts on how RENO parents should behave at swim meets. Many of these were pulled from past Parent Education articles:

Coaches Coach and Parents Parent

When a swimmer finishes a race, he/she should go straight to the coach to receive feedback on the race then proceed directly to the warm-down pool. When the swimmer completes the warm-down then it’s the appropriate time for the parent to talk with the swimmer. The parent should tell the swimmer “Good job! I love to watch you swim!” and leave it at that.

The coach’s job is to do the technical stuff (race plans/strategies, stroke corrections, areas of improvement, etc,). The parent’s job is to provide positive encouragement and support.

Cultivate Independence

Swim meets are a great way for swimmers to grow as a person. The swimmers need to be responsible for checking-in for their events, getting their own heat/lane, having their goggles and cap ready, and getting their own towel after they get out of the pool.

There will be times when a swimmer makes a mistake or misses an event. That’s OK! It’s an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Obviously, swimmers competing in their first meet will need a little more help, but after a meet or two swimmers should be able to navigate the meet on their own. And if they need help, they can always ask a teammate or coach. 

Avoid Comparing

It’s important to avoid comparing our swimmer to other swimmers:

“I can’t believe so-so beat you in that race!”

“Yes! I am so happy you beat so-so.”

Being a competitive swim team, we want our swimmers to excel in the pool, but we want to avoid a comparison culture. When we start comparing our children to other children it can be detrimental to the child’s confidence and hinder his/her long-term success. 

From an article from SwimSwam written by Olivier Poirier-Leroy:

“Athletes who were the most stressed out and anxious (with anxiety measured in terms of worry, physical symptoms—tense muscles, and concentration disruption) had parents who really wanted their kid beat the competition or ‘to not lose to others’

The age groupers experienced concentration disruption the most when their parents were more interested in seeing the athlete out-perform the competition compared to achieving a personal best.

Winning might be everything—as the quote goes, but the expectation of it doesn’t help athletes get any closer to achieving it. Focusing exclusively on winning creates an environment where the young swimmer is physically less likely to make it happen.”

Be a Good Parent-Teammate

Although your child is the one doing the swimming, you are still a part of the team. Here are ways to be a good RENO Parent-Teammate courtesy of TrueSport:


  • Supports their athlete unconditionally
  • Helps the coach or officials when asked
  • Leaves the coaching to the coach
  • Focuses on cheering for the things players do well
  • Lets the experience be the athlete’s
  • Keeps their emotions under control


  • Overemphasize winning, championships, or a career in sports
  • Rush their athlete into more serious training before they are ready
  • Use the car ride home to do an in-depth game analysis
  • Undermine or override the coach’s decisions
  • Look for things to criticize
  • Get involved in practice without being asked

Each week, I update the Parent Education section on our website with the newest article.   Please click here to access it.

Meet Schedule

I am working on finalizing our meet schedule for the 2019/2020 season, but here are the next meets RENO will be attending:

- September 13 – 15 – Molly Lahlum Memorial Autumn Freeze / Minden, NV

- October 18 – 20 – RENO’s King of the Hill Meet / Carson City, NV

- November 8 – 11 – Nevada State Championship / Henderson, NV

- December 6 – 8 – Husky Invite / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

- December 10 – 14 – USA Swimming Junior Nationals / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans 

Head Coach