Leinster Schools Gala 2019 Information

 Hi all, 

The Leinsters Schools Gala is open for entries now.  This is a School event NOT a Club event, so it must be arranged through the links below by yourself or through your school.

This is a great opportunity for our swimmers to swim with their friends from school, who may swim with another Club.  Taking place on the 13th of October 2019 in the NAC.  Please note that there are qualification times to enter this gala.  Also please check with your school because if there are 12 swimmers or more from the same school, the school may enter with a paper entry.

Leinster Schools work off the age the swimmer is on the 31st of August of the upcoming year.  So your swimmer might be in Primary school, but may be too old to swim in Minors and may have to swim in the Seniors.  You can sign your own swimmer up and the school will be notified that you have done so.

Please be aware that you need your swimmers Swim Ireland Number to enter this gala. There is another Schools Gala held in May for those swimmers who may not have Qualification Times yet for this gala.  So don't worry your swimmer will get another chance.

Seniors - Born up to the 31st of August 2007

Meet Information + Qualification Times
Online Entry Instructions
Senior Schools Entry Form

Minors - Born on or after the 1st of September 2007

Meet Information + Qualification Times
Online Entry Instructions
Minors Schools Entry Form