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RENO News - 9/16/19

Reno Aquatic Club had a great weekend at the Minden meet! Please read through this week’s email for a recap and other important RENO news.

Swimmer Equipment

Please be sure your swimmer has the proper swim equipment at every practice. Many of the skills the coaches work on throughout the week require specific swim gear. If your child is missing any equipment, they won’t be able to get the full benefit of the practice.

Currently, we use The website has sections for each training group and the required equipment for each group. Please click here to access the store

King of the Hill Meet – October 18 – 20

Be sure to register for the King of the Hill meet ASAP! If you have any questions, please ask your child’s coach. Click here to sign-up.

Minden Meet Recap

Reno Aquatic Club had an outstanding weekend of swimming at the annual Molly Lahlum Memorial Autumn Freeze hosted by the Douglas Dolfins. It is always a great early season meet for us. 

It gave our older swimmers the opportunity to race while in the middle of some heavy training and it allowed our age-group swimmers the opportunity to focus on the skills they have been working on for the last few weeks. It was exciting to see the progress we are making as a team. We are only going to get better from here!

A big congratulations to the following swimmers for earning their first Nevada State Qualifying Times:

  • Dominik Brittain
  • Brayden Myers
  • Jacques Peuchaud

It was also great to see new swimmers competing for RENO for the first time:

  • Chase Belflower
  • Ian Belflower
  • William Garcia
  • Aurabella Murray
  • Brayden Myers
  • Anthony Wang

Thank you very much to all the parents who were officials and timers throughout the weekend! The RENO timing chairs were always filled. The coaching staff greatly appreciates our outstanding parents!

Click here for the meet results.

State Meet

Be on the lookout for an email this week with State information.

Upcoming Practice Changes

There are no changes to the practice schedule for this week.

Skill of the Week

A big goal for the team this year is to develop common language and key terms among the coaching staff. The purpose is to create more consistency among the coaches, so when swimmers progress through the team it is a seamless transition from one coach to another. This will be a work in progress and it won’t happen overnight, but I am excited to work towards this goal.

One way we will create a common langue is to implement a “skill of the week” each week. The skill will come in many forms. It may be specific to one stroke, all the strokes, turns, and/or starts. It may be a drill or a key term, but there will be a defined purpose behind each skill. 

The skill will be introduced to all groups in full, except the Mini and Blue groups. When appropriate, the Mini and Blue will swimmers work on the same skill, but a lot of times, it will be modified to their ability level. So, although the Mini and Blue swimmers may not do the whole skill, they will be working towards creating the foundation to do the skill when the swimmer advances. 

In my weekly parent email, I will explain the prior week’s skill. The purpose of doing this is to help explain the “method behind the madness” of our coaching. The coaching staff wants Reno Aquatic Club to be the best team in developing proper stroke technique which will prepare our swimmers for long-term success. 

Skill of the Week: 5-2

Explanation: On freestyle, “5-2” means off the wall, the swimmer performs 5 dolphin kicks and no breathing on the first 2 strokes.

Purpose: When a swimmer pushes off the wall that is the fastest he/she will be for the entire length of the pool. When doing 5-2, the swimmer can maintain that initial speed longer. Dolphin kicks, when done correctly, is the fastest kick underwater. If our swimmers can work on adding more dolphin kicks off each wall it will help them become better swimmers overall which leads to faster times at meets.

When a swimmer does not breath for the first two strokes it helps maintain the speed from the push-off and dolphin kicks. When a swimmer turns to breath, it slows momentum down, so it is important to keep the head down and carry the speed. 

Example of how skill was introduced: The National group did 8 x 75 freestyle on 1:00 with 5-2 off of each wall. The goal was to emphasize the wall and be disciplined with doing 5-2 on each length. 

Just like the Parent Education, I will archive each “Skill of the Week” on the RENO website. Click here to access it.

Meet Schedule

I am working on finalizing our meet schedule for the 2019/2020 season, but here are the next meets RENO will be attending:

- October 18 – 20 – RENO’s King of the Hill Meet / Carson City, NV

- November 8 – 11 – Nevada State Championship / Henderson, NV

- December 6 – 8 – Husky Invite / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

- December 10 – 14 – USA Swimming Junior Nationals / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans 

Head Coach