Weekly Update 9/16/2019

We successfully made it through the first week of practice! 

I appologize for Friday's cancelization on short notice. We had a repair of the pool that came up unexpectedly.

I hope to meet most of the parents at our meeting this Wednesday at 6 pm. I can't wait to introduce myself and meet most of you.

The first week we tried to set up expectations and work on building the foundation for the season. One of my big focuses for all groups this past week was to work on basic body positioning, pushing off the wall effectively with good underwaters, dolphins, and breakouts. That was more of a challenge for our newer swimmers than some of our more experienced swimmers, as expected.

We worked on doing a more hip driven freestyle, and later for the more experenced swimmers we will work on a shoulder driven freestyle for sprinting. I really like a hip driven freestyle for starting swimmers as it gives them more balance, control and power. For older swimmers, as they move into longer distances, hip driven will allow them to sustain those distances without damage to shoulders or losing power.

Group 1- We will continue to work on basic body positioning but add some more skills for the kids to work on. Penciling in the water in a tight streamline, 8 kick switch, body balancing drills. At this level it is key for the kids to be having some fun- so they are excited to come to practice. I will win them all over!

Group 2- We are going to start work on Early Vertical Forearm pulling drills, 75% catch-up and some basic body positioning drills. Helping them rotate from thier hips and in control. 

Group 3- We are going to be doing a bit of a review daily on hip driven freestyle and then working on breaking down Backstroke to the most basic form and rebuilding that stroke. I have some new drills that I hope the kids will enjoy!

No Sunday Practice until October. Enjoy your weekends!