Weekly Update 9-17-19

Weekly Update 9-17-19

Much of the following is a repeat from last week’s Weekly Update, and that will continue until deadlines pass.  MOST important this week are the new parent meeting listed below as well as the upcoming three meet sign up deadlines……

Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • NEW parent meeting – Wednesday, September 18 @ 5:15 in the LGI Room
    • Topics: How to sign up for meets and volunteer, where to find things on the website, expectations of the swimmers and coaches, and answer any questions that you have
  • Picture Day – Wednesday, October 9 @ 5:15 in the pool
    • Swimmers need to be early for this so plan to get there at 5:00 at the latest.  We will do a team picture first and then individuals after that.  Legends Photography will provide us forms as well as an online pre-order link to order all the pictures you’d like to pass out to friends and family
  • Suit Fitting – Thursday, October 3rd @ 4:30-7:00pm in the hallway outside the pool
    • Our team supplier, Elsmore, will be here for a suit fitting and supplies for the kids.  They will be set up in the hallway near the pool doors.
    • Team suits will be available for try on and sizing but will need to be ordered.  They will deliver these at a later date to the club.
    • Parkas, and warm ups will be available for sizing but will also need to be ordered. They ship directly to your home.
    • Practice suits, apparel, and equipment (goggles, fins, pull buoy, kick boards, bags) will be available for purchase and you can take them home that evening.
    • I will also be taking orders for personalized caps.  These caps are red silicone  and will have you swimmers last name on them.  If you would like to order personalized caps, please come see me at the table near the pool entrance.
    • Team suits are not mandatory but a great way to show your club spirit!!
    • If you have any questions please let me, April Gilman,  know ( ).  I will send out another reminder closer to the actual date as well!
  • Officials Admin Clinic – September 30th @ Lake Central HS
    • Look for information coming via email
  • Officials Stroke & Turn Clinic – October 2nd @ Lake Central HS
    • Look for information coming via email

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

  • Carmel Fall Frenzy Invitational @ IU Natatorium, Indianapolis
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, has been moved back to  Saturday, September 20th to allow more time to register
    • The meet is open to Elite groups swimmers ONLY
  • UTSC Pre Season Kick (Your Feet) Off @ Wheeler HS
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Saturday, September 21st
    • This meet is open to ALL club swimmers
  • HHSC Pumpkin Plunge Invitational @ Highland HS
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Saturday, September 21st
    • This meet is open to ALL club swimmers

CPSC Phone Policy:

  • The staff & the BOD has put together a Zero-Tolerance Phone Policy for the club members (coaches & swimmers) to follow.  It is listed below and can be found on the Registration Tab on the website.


         Zero-Tolerance Phone Policy


  • OBJECTIVE: Create a true sense of engagement and respect on the pool deck both at meets and at practice. We want our TEAM TUNED IN!


  • BACKGROUND: Smart phones have become a distraction for everyone on deck. We want our swimmers engaged, observing, learning and not being late behind the block or running to the locker room just to check their phones. There isn’t anything more inspiring and adrenaline-inducing for our swimmers than their teammates being on the sidelines being loud and cheering them on. That can’t happen with their faces buried in their phones. And in the same manner that we want our swimmers to engage with us, we want our coaches to be engaged with our swimmers as well.


  • ACTION: We are issuing a Zero-Tolerance Phone Policy for swimmers and staff. During practice hours and during meets, all phones will be either in a locker or in a swim bag and not visible on deck. Phones may be used in the hallway or an office, or only on deck when practice or meets are not going on. Coaches will take attendance using the club-owned iPads.  At meets, coaches may use phones to look up race results on Meet Mobile, check prior splits, or other current administrative meet related functions.  The only exception to this policy would be athletes who need to have their phones with them at all times for documented medical reasons.


  • EMERGENCY USE: We fully understand the importance of being connected. If you must get information to your swimmer during practice please text them and when practices are done and they have dressed and moved out into the hall they can turn them on and check the messages.  If it is a scenario where you need to immediately come get them out of the water, please just come in and get the coaches attention. 


  • CONSEQUENCES: The first time the swimmers will be reminded of our policy and told to turn their phones off and put into their bag on the deck or in the locker room.  The second time, the swimmer will not be allowed to have a phone at either meets or practices and told the phone must stay at home.  Parents will be immediately notified of the situation via email.


  • CONCLUSION: We want everyone to be giving their full attention and getting the most of our time together in the pool. This will eliminate a major distraction and allow for better engagement within our team.

Miscellaneous Reminders:

  • Any 2nd season swimmers need to see Coach John, this week (Wednesday through Friday), to receive their kickboards and pull bouys if they have not already done so.  This is a one-time distribution to swimmers.  If swimmers lose or destroy what they have already been given it is up to them to replace.