September 18 Parent Meeting

September 18thnew parent meeting.


Northern Nevada Aquatics is a non profit organization.  We are the only swim organization in Northern Nevada that is part of the USA swimming Foundation.  NNA tries to help the community by having adaptive training programs for our community. We also try to make sure that all of our pool facilities have adequate equipment for running swim programs.  We try to help donate and supply our pools with what everyone needs.


Fees and dues are spent in the following ways.  Our monthly fees cover our typical administrative fees, coaches pay, and pool rentals.  Our yearly fee is spent on our swimmers pacific registration and insurance as well as new equipment for the team including fins, blocks, kickboards, and paddles. Our fundraising activities profits are spent on coaches travel, as well as team equipment purchases like lane lines.


Parents role on a swim team is to help support the athletes and the organization the best they can. Being a support structure for their swimmer(s) and being the “rock” in the family no matter what.  No over reacting or conditional parenting behavior. You are there to support your children. We do need parents help to make the team operate.  All parents should help volunteer at our team functions and time at your childrens swim meets.  Becoming an official is a great way to help at all meets.


Swimming is very beneficial to everyone.  It is a fantastic low impact sport with incredible cardio benefits.  Swimmers also learn great time management skills.  The main goal of the sport is to make it a fun experience for the children and their families.  Swimming is a marathon and a journey that takes several years. It is not a sprint with a definitive end meet.


Swim event schedule is up on the web site.  It is organized by swimmer group.  Our team handbook is up on the web site as well.  The swim events that our team plans on going to for the upcoming seasons are outlined under our events tab.