Weekly Update 9/22/2019

 Week two I think was a success! I think everyone is getting the hang of things!

As our first meet is quickly approaching, we will be spending some time at the beginning of practice, for each squad talking about the mental side of swimming and how to control sometimes big emotions that can come up. 

Group 1- Finished working last week on basic body positioning. We are not done with this- as it super important and key to everythign moving forward, but this weeek we are going to really work on breathing. Most of the kids know (atleast in concept) to breathe to the side during freestyle. But we have a lot of kids that are not blowing all the water out in the water and so when they try to take a breath, they lift their head, breath out and then breath in. It just simply takes too long. The result is that their hips sink and they lose all momentum they had moving forward. Our goal is to work on improving that this week. Parents can help this, but simply practicing breathing in through the mouth and having them slowly blow out the nose. You don't even need water to practice that.

Group 2: Will be starting on basic backstroke this week. Body positioning, kicking, and arms with a strong catch and pull. 

Group 3: Will be working on Breaststroke this week. This is my favorite stroke. FOR WEDNESDAY- I am asking everyone to try to Bring a white posterboard/piece of cardboard from home and next wednesday for butterfly. (Shop amazon? Open a medium box up and that will do as well!!) This will be a handy tool for working on the arms. I will try to bring some incase people forget but I don't think I will have enough for everyone!

In a moment, I will update the parent meeting sheet & meet information that I handed out on wednesday, incase someone was unable to come to that meeting.  I plan to try to set up a parent volunteer meeting up a week from tomorrow on 9/30/2019 at the Y so we can start on getting some of the projects discussed started. 

My direct email is Feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions.