Weekly Update on September 2, 2019


Weekly Update

September 23


Bellingham Marathon is approaching...There has been some inquiries about Saturday practice.  Practice will be held as scheduled.  We understand if your child can not attend practice because of your commitment to volunteer for the marathon. 



October Challenge Meet- WOW!!! We have 68 swimmers signed up already.  The deadline to sign up was extend to Sunday, September 29th.  The policy has been that you can sign your child up for the events they want to swim. The coaches will approve their entries and made enter them in another event.  You also have the option to sign them up and then write a note to us stating that you would like the coach the pick their events.  We will have relays, and our plan is to let you know ahead of time what relay your child will be participate in. 


Thanks for your support,

BBST Coaches