Weekly Update 9/29/2019

Last week we had a fun week of practice. I am excited to continue this week!

Basically, there are 2 ways that we can get faster. The first option is to reduce drag. That is what we hare going to spend a lot of time on in the first part of the season. Secondly, we need to increase power. We will work on that more towards the middle part of the season.

Group 1: Will continue to work on Backstroke this week. We finished Freestyle and started some very basic back floats and back glides. 

Group 2: This week we will finish Backstroke and begin working on Breast stroke.

Group 3: We will work on Butterfly this week.


I have noticed that several swimmers are forgetting to bring water bottles to practice. Please remind the kids to bring them to every practice. Also, we are starting to use a lot of equipment in practice. Please work on getting any equipment for the kids that they currently do not have.  Their is an Equipment list and buying guide on our Team Unify website to help you. Look under the Documents Tab.

We will be working to prepare for our first meet Sunday. One of the ways will be to so that the kids that are going on Sunday will know what to expect and be prepared. We will also be talking about what kinds of food you should be eating before and during the meet. Please ask them what snacks and breakfast they would like as they should have some ideas.

We should know sometime Thursday the warm up that we are assigned and I will get that information out to you at that time. The first warmup is at 7:30 so I would plan for that at this time. They have a meeting for first time parents also at 7:30. Their will be a start clinic for new swimmers at 8:20. We will need timers for the meet. As timers are some of the few allowed on the pool deck, it is a great way to pass the time as well as get a great view of your child swimming. 

For first time swimmers and parents going to a meet, I recommend bringing the following: 2-3 Towels, Warm clothes for inbetween races, Googles, Swim Caps, Swim suit (and an extra if you have one), water bottle, and lots of healthy snacks. Also, remember to pack a sharpie. Some kids bring games for inbetween races. You will likely need a few dollars in cash for heat sheets or concessions. Lastly, bring chairs for everyone.

To mark your child, You will need to obtain a heat sheet and find your child's races. Swimming events are divided into heats (as most times there are more swimmers than can be accomodated in a single heat). So you will find your child's event, what heat and lane they are assigned. Then you would want to take your sharpie, and make a chart where your child can see it. Please ask experienced parents to help if you need it.

Also, I have put in another stroke and Turn Clinic that is occurring at the end of October. We need Officials. Meets can not happen without officials and we benefit greatly from having officials on our team. If you have the ability, it is a great way to be apart of the team. You DO NOT need to know anything. They will train you exactly what to look for and exactly what you need to do. I would love to have 2-3 parents at that stroke and turn clinic. If you will be at the meet anyway, it is a great opportunity to get certified! Their are a few more opportunities to get certified, but those are 2-4 hours away. So, this is really the best option.

I sincerely hope that your kids are having a blast at swim practice. I was fortunate to attend a clinic with my daughter over the weekend with Elizabeth Beisel, 3x Olympian (and currently on the show surviver). One of the things that she said was the most important factors was that she simply loved being in the water and having fun.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in trying to drop time, or beat someone else, or get a ribbon. But it all boils down to working hard in practice to learn skills and having fun on race day. She told us of a 5 year period where she did not drop time on her 200 backstroke. She was heading into her Olympic final, and her coach told her that he didn't think that she was going to beat her time, but to just enjoy swimming in an olympic final.... she went out and not only got a new best time but got an olympic medal! So, if that is what an olympic swimmer needs to hear, let's remind that to our swimmers as well.

Sorry for the LONGEST update yet. Thanks for reading to the end!