Meet update and weekly updates

 If you are going to the meet tomorrow, please go to the event tab and click on that meet. You can print a copy of the heat sheet. Warm up start at 8:00 am. The new parent workshop starts at 7:30 am. Diving clinic is immediately after warm-up. I was attempting to do that yesterday as I was driving, but it appears that was not what was received. Unfortunately, they were much later posting the information that I planned.

Nick and Luke will be coaching the meet.

I have Sarah Humes and Carol Schrey timing the morning session and Biller McAuliffe timing the afternoon session. Thank you for your help! Timing really is the best place to watch the meet and I appreciate your help!

Group 1: This week we will start Butterfly.

Group 2: This week we will work on butterfly timing getting a better stroke.

Group 3. We have gone through all the strokes, but working on refinement on freestyle this week, while trying to keep the other skills fresh. All the kids should know by the end of the week what part of their freestyle needs most improvement.

Please remind the swimmers in groups 2 and 3 to bring their goal sheets, otherwise we will do them in practice, which takes away some pool time. I would like to review their goals for 5 minute individually with each swimmer at some point this week.