Meet Results and EVF/shoulder information

 I got the results from our first meet and I am honestly SHOCKED with how well the kids did at the meet. The numbers are as follows: 

Total Swims 42
Disqualifications 3
Swims by swimmers whom did not have previous times 16

I realize that we want the DQs to be zero- but honestly at this point in the season, we have not even covered all the strokes in depth with all groups. Basically, EVERYONE whom swam (with only one exception and that swimmer was having a rough day) dropped time in every race they swam. We did have 4 swimmers new to the team, so ofcoarse they got best times in our system, but we had 7 swimmers that were here last year and 6 of those swimmers had best times in every event they swam. That is amazing. While for younger swimmers, we may expect this, for kids in middle school and beyond, this would not be expected at the first meet. We haven't really worked on endurance or conditioning at all at this point. Its been ALL stroke refinement.

We are continuing to work but I wanted to mention a few things and post a few videos to share. 

We are working on EVF on freestyle. Honestly, this video of I think an Aussie explaining EVF does a better job than I ever could at explaining it. Please let your older swimmers watch this when they have time. Its about a 10 minute video and they should be familiar with this concept (especially in level 3). 

We are going to be working on adjusting our pull pattern in freestyle in level 3 this week and maybe next... level 1 & 2, your time will come. I was really noticing last night that the vast majority of our swimmers are entering the water on top of their mid-line. This can cause an impegenment in the shoulder, leading to long term shoulder damage. We will be working on correcting it, but from experience, it can be difficult to correct. This will take a while.

While we are working on adjusting our pull patterns, we will also be working on strengthening the tiny muscles in the shoulder that stabilize that joint. Shoulder injuries are the most common injury in swimming. From personal experience, I want to make certain to limit the damage to this joint for the kids. I will be handing out and doing some work on building up those shoulder stabilizing joints. These exercises are easy... more like physical therapy style than body building style exercises. I NEED PARENTS TO REMIND THE KIDS TO SPEND 10 MINUTES working on these exercises as often as possible. These exercises are designed to prevent injury to the joints. 

Here is a link to a video of some of the kinds of things that we will be doing.

Groups 1 & 2 need quite a bit of work on Butterfly. We are going to be parked there for a bit until we get a bit better.