Loggerhead Updates for the Week of 10/14/19

Loggerhead Update for the Week of 10/14/19

Practice Changes

Tuesday 10/15/19

Creekside Make Up Meet
All practices will be at the REC Center Pool 350 Plantation Club Parkway (Aquatics Complex Closed)
Silver – 3:45-4:45pm (45min water / 15min dry)
OD – 4:30-5:30pm (15min dry / 45min water)
Gold(s) – 5:00-7:00pm (40min dry / 1.5hr water)
Senior(s) – 6:30-8:45pm (30min dry / 1.75hr water)

Saturday 10/19/19

No Practice – ALL GROUPS
Home Meet at REC Center Pool 350 Plantation Club Parkway


Upcoming Events

Episcopal Prelim/Finals Meet November 15-17 (Silver, Gold, Gold Plus) – Registration Deadline is Nov 4th.
Senior Group Time Trials November 16-17– Automatically Signed Up


Oktoberfest Home Meet

Much more information coming out shortly regarding the home meet with warm up times, psych sheets, heat sheets, etc.

WE NEED HELP ON VOLUNTEER TIMERS AND MARSHALS.  Please lend a hand.  These will be short sessions.

Info Regarding the Meet:

JCP Rec Center Facility Expectations for Hosted Swim Meets

Please park in the swim meet designated side of the pool.  We ask that our team does the best to carpool and if you are able to please park on the street on Durbin to provide parking spaces to visiting teams and those that may need them.

We will have a swimmer and equipment offloading site in the parking lot next to the pool.  You will be able to bring in tents through that gate and then move your vehicle.

Please respect that the Recreation Center will be open during our meet for gym, tennis, etc.  We must leave designated parking spots open as well as be sure to respect those areas of the facility.

With USA Swimming’s new MAAPP policies, we are encouraged to have adult and athlete restrooms.  For this meet the SWIMMERS RESTROOMS will be by the family pool at the back of the facility.
The ADULT RESTROOMS will be the main facility locker rooms in the Recreation building.
The COACHES AND OFFICIALS RESTROOMS will be the small side restrooms by the meeting rooms/hospitality.

Pool Deck, Furniture, Shade Canopies
Spectators may bring in shade canopies and folding chairs to the competition pool deck as well as the family pool deck.  These may be left overnight as long as they are secured from wind and the owners acknowledge JCP will not be responsible for vandalism or theft.
ALL JCP Furniture is going to be removed from the competition pool deck to provide more space for spectator seating.  Please do not move deck furniture back onto the competition pool deck.
Please do not place any shade canopies in front of the scoreboard.
The baby pool and splash park will be closed.  Meet Marshals will ask you to leave those areas.

No Camera / No Spectator Zones
Our pool has the ability to have spectators on all sides.  To comply with USA Swimming policies we will only allow spectators and photography/recording on the turn end (shallow) and Lane 8 (building) side of the pool.
However, on 25 yard events, photography/recording will ONLY BE ALLOWED ON THE LANE 8 SIDE OF POOL. 

For all swimmers and spectators, the JCP Café will be open and serving a swim meet menu for breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

For Coaches, Officials, Timers/Marshals, hospitality items will be available in the Cypress room on the right side of the Recreation building.


Sponsors (Partners)