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RENO News - 10/14/19

It’s meet week! This weekend is the annual King of the Hill swim meet hosted by Reno Aquatic Club. I will be sending more information later this week regarding the meet. Please be on the lookout.

In addition, we are still in need of several volunteers. This meet is a big fundraiser for the team and would not happen without the hard work of RENO parents. If you have yet to sign-up to help, please do so by clicking here or contacting our meet director, Teri Galvin at (775) 848-9487 or

Thanks so much for all of your assistance this weekend. 

State Meet

If your family is planning to attend the State meet and you have yet to do so,  please fill out this quick RSVP form

Upcoming Practice Changes

There are several upcoming changes to our practice schedule. Please note the following:

- There will be NO practice for any groups on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19 due to the King of the Hill meet

- Friday, October 25 – Nevada Day (observed) – Pre-Senior, Senior, and National will swim 7 - 9 AM (two weeks ago I had the wrong time. It is now correct); Juniors will swim 8 – 9 AM. NO evening practice for any group.

- Sunday, October 27 – Senior and National will swim from 8 – 10 AM

- Wednesday, October 30 – Blue, White, Orange will have a special combined Halloween practice from 5 – 6:30 PM; Mini RENO will have a special combined Halloween practice with both sessions from 6:30 – 7:00 PM.

- Thursday, October 31 – NO practice for any group

RENO is Hiring

Our team has grown significantly over the past couple of months. I feel this is a direct reflection of RENO’s outstanding coaching staff. The quality of coaching and swimmer development provided by RENO is the best in the area! 

With the influx of new swimmers, we plan to hire a new assistant coach to help with our Mini RENO group. We had an outstanding candidate in mind but, unfortunately, the schedule did not work out for the coach, so we are back in search mode. 

If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining the Reno Aquatic Club coaching staff, please have them email me for more information ( 

The ideal candidate must enjoy working with the kids. Although the plan is to have the new coach start with the Mini group, there is potential for growth and more coaching responsibility.

Parent Education

With this weekend being the King of the Hill Swim Meet and we have many new families on the team, I want to share our Swim Meet 101 for this week’s Parent Education. Please click here to access it.

Each week, I update the Parent Education section on our website with the newest article.  Please click here to access it.

Skill of the Week – Free and Back Kick

Last week’s skill of the week was working on flutter kick, the kick used while swimming freestyle and backstroke. Flutter kick, when performed correctly, is done by the core supporting the hips and driven by the legs and feet. The core needs to be tight and the hips need to be loose. The feet should push down with the top of the foot and up with the bottom of the foot (opposite for backstroke). Loose floppy ankles are best and the bend in the knees should be around 45 degrees.

Key Words

“Tight core, loose hips”

“Kick down with the top of the foot”

“Kick up with the bottom of the foot”

“Floppy ankles”

“Kick up and down"

Just like the  Parent Education, I will archive each “Skill of the Week” on the RENO website.  Click here to access it.

Meet Schedule

- October 18 – 20 – RENO’s King of the Hill Meet / Carson City, NV

- November 8 – 11 –   Nevada State Championship / Henderson, NV

- December 6 – 8 – Husky Invite / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

- December 10 – 14 – USA Swimming Junior Nationals / Federal Way, WA (qualified swimmers)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thank you for your support.


Ryan Evans 

Head Coach