Weekly Update 10-16-19

Weekly Update 10-16-19

*** REMINDER – Parents / Grandparents / Legal Guardians / Babysitter’s are NOT allowed to be on the pool deck or in the locker rooms at any time during swim practices unless in the case of an emergency that a coach calls them down onto the deck.  This is an insurance liability so please, if you must speak with or give your swimmer something, get their coaches attention and the coach can assist.

Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • Next parent meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 4th at 5:30 pm in the Wellness Room
  • Club Sponsorships can be turned in year round, however, in order to make the banner and T-shirt deadline all forms and monies need to be turned into the black box or a BOD member, no later than Friday, December 13th.  Link to Sponsorship Form

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

  • CPSC vs DUNE Dual meet @ Crown Point High School. 
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Friday, October 18th
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all
  • CPSC TYR Tim Hamelin SYOA Fall Invitational @ Crown Point High School
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Friday, October 25th
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all


Miscellaneous Reminders:

  • We have the boys locker room open with very limited access.  They will be open from 5:00-5:15, then again from 6:10-6:25, then again from 6:45-6:55, and finally from 8:15-8:45 pm.  Other than those times it will be locked.  The boys will need to be very quick about showering and dressing.  Coaches will allow the boys to use the restroom in the coach’s office as needed as long as it is not abused.  We will be asking for pairs of father / male volunteers who have gone through the MAAPP process to do sweeps of the locker rooms to make sure no further abuse continues.  If there is any further abuse, locker rooms WILL be closed permanently unless the culprit comes forward or can be / is identified.  Please direct any further questions to Coach John.
  • When signing your swimmers up, please do not use the notes section for event requests.  The events selected for all meets is at coach’s discretion only.  Requests will most likely not be taken into consideration unless it is for an injury reminder.  Please DO use this section to inform coaches of entry limits due to financial constraints or if a swimmer will be unavailable for relays for any day of that meet. 
  • NEW swimmers who have not yet received their mesh bags and team caps can see Coach John this week and next to pick those up.  They are FREE to the swimmers and this first cap is at no charge.  Additional caps are ….. $6 for latex / $12 for silicone
  • REMIND APP Sign up Instructions
    • I'm using Remind to as another avenue to get last second updates to all members. Remind is a free service that allows you to get messages directly on your phone.
    • Joining my class (@jkrick) on Remind is easy. You can choose whether you prefer text messages or smartphone notifications.
      • Signing up for text messages
        • Text my class code @jkrick to the phone number 81010.
        • Reply to the text messages from the Remind team.
      • Signing up for smartphone notifications
        • Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device. Click here for a link to the apps:
        • Open the app and create an account (or log in if you already have one).
        • Tap the + by classes joined and enter my class code @jkrick.
      • That's all you need to do to start receiving messages!
    • A few other things you might like to know:
      • Our personal contact information (like cell phone numbers) will not be visible on Remind.
      • All of our messages will be recorded in communication logs that you can access and download.
      • I can receive messages on Remind.
      • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
  • Code of Conduct
    • I am still missing Code of Conduct forms from MANY of our swimmers, please print off the form at the link below and turn into Coach John
    • All swimmers need to have a signed copy of the CPSC Code of Conduct on file, while many have done in the past, we are asking that ALL current swimmers read and sign, as well as, parents read and sign so everyone is aware of expectations and the discipline procedures.
    • You can find the link to the code of conduct here….CPSC Code of Conduct
    • Only the signature page needs to be turned in
    • The due date for these has passed.  If you have not yet turned them in PLEASE do so by the end of this week or we will need to start holding swimmers out of practices until they are received.
  • Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP)
    • All swimmers and parents will also need to have a signed MAAPP acknowledgement form on file with CPSC or parents can send an email to Coach John acknowledging that they have READ the policy.
    • To get to USA Swimming’s link for these policies click on MAAPP
    • ALL CPSC 18 & over athletes will need to also take the Athlete Protection Training within 30 days of turning 18, if you have an athlete in that situation, please make sure they have do so by clicking on the following link…..18 & Over APT
    • ALL members MUST have completed this acknowledgement form or send Coach John an email NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd