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Masters Weekly Announcements October 16, 2019

Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, October 16, 2019


FYI:     Make sure that you name is on all your equipment.


1.   SCM Meet Schedule
2.   Coach Jeff’s Farewell Party
3.   Nadadores Foundation Annual Meeting 
4.   Words from Coach Mark 



Short Course Meters Meet Schedule


Sunday, 0/27   
UCLA SCM Meet     

Sunday, 11/10 
Santa Clarita Masters Short Course Meters    

Fri-Sun, 12/06-12/08              
2019 SPMS Short Course Meters Championships 
Commerce, CA




Coach Jeff’s Farewell Party

Coach Jeff’s last day is Thursday!!!  Let’s come together and show our appreciation for his dedication to the team over the many years coaching here at the Nadadores. 



Please join us on Sunday, October 20 for a Team Breakfast
to honor Coach Jeff.


10:00 AM after the morning workout – we will be serving PANCAKES, BACON, and JUICE

Please RSVP so we have enough food!!!!




Nadadores Foundation Annual Meeting

Please join us for the Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation Annual Meeting and hear all about the Nadadores year in review and what is in store for the future.

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Norman P. Murray Community Center






Words from Coach Mark


Three Big Things

Here are three reasons why you may not be getting faster

and how you can break through and continue improving.

1. You Lack Consistency

When working out, consistency is key. Having a regular

training schedule and sticking to it is paramount if you

want to improve.

Training for several days in a row, then taking two to

seven days off (or more), will inhibit progress toward your


Success is earned by consistently doing what you are

supposed to do day in and day out.

Ultimately, all the little things add up and yield the race

results you're working toward.

2. You’re Ignoring your Areas of Weaknesses

It's always more enjoyable to do the things we are good at.

Often, technical improvements will come quicker when

working on one or items at a time. For example – tight

streamlines or faster turns.

Embracing your weakness(es) and committing to

improving will require focused training.

This should last between two to four weeks. During this

time, you should focus on one or two items while

maintaining consistency in your workout routine.


3. You’re Not Going Easy Enough

One of the biggest mistakes’ swimmers make is not going

easy enough when they're supposed to go easy.

Swimmers usually think they're going easy, but in reality,

they are not. Meaning, they aren't going easy enough to

enable active recovery or to keep their heart rate in the

correct zone to elicit the desired physiological affect.

This problem compounds because if you don't do your

easy sets easy enough, then you won't be able to do your

hard sets hard enough.

And more importantly, swimming slowly and deliberately

can make you a faster and a more efficient swimmer.


Too often we hop into the water and do the swim

practice with the sole intentions of getting it over with or

getting our hand on the wall first. Or we get lost in the

need to swim fast all the time, forgetting the

fundamentals that are needed to get better. 






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