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NW Remains Closed - NO Practice Tonight (10/17)

Good Morning,

Unfortunately, I have some bad news regarding Northwest. The pool will be closed through Monday morning at the earliest. Therefore, there will be NO practice again tonight (Thursday) at Northwest. Thankfully, we have the meet this weekend in Carson City.

Senior and National groups – I will confirm the possibility of a practice at Alf Sorensen later today.

I received an email from the City that the pump issue is worse than they thought. They are hoping to have it fixed by Monday morning. This is the best-case scenario.

If they are unable to fix the existing pump, they will need to order a new one which will take 1-3 weeks. I’ve already started to work on securing potential pools in case Northwest does get shut down for an extended time. With the lack of pools in Reno this is very challenging, but we will do the best we can.

I will email any updates as soon as possible. In addition, I will post info on the RENO website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

The Northwest pool staff and the Aquatics Department are doing the best they can to get the pool reopened. Unfortunately, I feel the community is in this situation due to the higher-ups in the City not emphasizing the importance of having a quality Parks and Recreation department with sufficient funding and facilities. This has been an ongoing issue for decades. I am always open to ideas and/or suggestions on how we can improve the current aquatics situation in Reno.

If you were planning to drop off items for the swim meet at the pool, Teri will still be at Northwest tonight at 6 PM to pick-up any donations. If you are coming to the meet on Friday, you can bring the items directly to the Carson pool.

Thank you for your patience.