Car Wash Is Rescheduled


Change In Plans:

We’ve decided to reschedule the Cyclones Car Wash due to approaching tropical storm on Saturday, October 19th.  Hoping to have your continuing support when it is rescheduled.

At this time, our Developmental Meet is still on today and Calhoun Age Group practice.  It will be the last practice for the Calhoun developmental swimmers. Palencia developmental practice will continue until October 29th.  Registration for the Spring Session will open in February.

We hope to have the  8 AM Nutrition Talk for Age Group Swimmers and Age Group swim practice on Saturday.  Parents are encouraged to join the Nutrition Talk.  Email and text notifications will be sent, if there is a need to cancel Saturday morning events.


Spiritwear will be for sale at the pool at the developmental meet and Saturday morning. We have most of the following items in our inventory for sale for $10 - $15:

Youth Small shirts ($10) – Dri-fit white, red, or grey, cotton-feel red, silver tie-dyed.

Youth Medium shirts ($10) – Dri-fit white or grey, cotton feel red, red tie-dyed, silver tie-dyed.

Youth Large shirts ($10) – Dri-fit white, silver tie-dyed.

Adult XS shirts ($12) – Dri-fit white.

Adult S shirts ($12) – Dri-fit white, cotton-feel red.

Adult M shirts ($12) – Dri-fit white or grey, red tie-dyed.

Adult L shirts($12) – Dri-fit white.

Adult XL shirts($12) – Silver tie-dyed cotton shirts

Adult XL shirt($15) – Heather grey polo with embroidered logo.

Adult 2XL shirt($12) – Silver tie-dyed cotton shirt.

Adult 3XL shirt($15) – Red dri-fit polo with embroidered logo.

Ladies shirts ($12) – Large red sleeveless dri-fit, Medium white cotton, Large red & grey cotton v-neck.

Please plan on paying for spiritwear by check or cash. You may also email or reply to this email if you would like to purchase a shirt from our inventory.

Thank you for your understanding with the change in plans!