This Week's Schedule


Congrats to everyone who competed at the mini and distance meet this past weekend. We had several swimmers trying new things including many older swimmers trying the 1000 for the first time. So much fun when we are able to do it together, cheer each other on, count and time for each other, and be the amazing team that we are. Seeing pictures and results from the mini meet were inspiring as well and an amazing glimpse into the future. Keep up the GREAT WORK!


MEET SCHEDULE: Many meets are posted on our website. Some meet updates:

  1. If you need a final tweak for the Moon meet that we host or the MLAC meet please get them to me asap.
  2. The November mini meet will now be hosted at Gateway HS instead of Monroeville – info will be posted ASAP

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you have not done so already, please sign up to help at our meet November 2 and 3 that we host. There are still numerous positions available that we need to fill. Please contact Regan at if you have questions

THIS WEEK’S SCHEDULE: Schedule changes below

SWIMATHON: Our swimathon is Wednesday, October 30. Detailed info is on the site. We need everybody’s help in order to allow our program to run as it does. This summer we made a commitment to improving the air quality at Moon and it has made a tremendous difference for our athletes. If you have any questions, you can contact Leslie at

MORE FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: Our neighbors over at South Fayette that we are looking to join forces with in our combined team wanted us to be aware of a fundraiser they are holding in December. It’s an afternoon out at TopGolf. If you’ve never been, it’s AWESOME! Click on the link for more info.

PARENT REMINDERS: Please make sure you communicate with the staff if you are going to be late for pickup as a staff member must stay at the school until the final swimmer has been picked up.

Please remind your swimmers to make sure they have everything before they leave.

For those swimmers leaving equipment bags at Moon, please remind them they must be hung on a hook and not left in a pile.

GOOD HEALTH: Even though we have returned inside, all swimmers should have a water bottle with them on deck to allow proper hydration. Those groups swimming right after school should also have a snack on hand to eat before getting in the pool. Please do not store food in the locker rooms. There are a lot of colds going around right now so please make sure your athletes’ are drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of sleep. If your athlete is sick, please use your best judgement in sending them to practice or keeping them home.

Gym classes are back in the pool during the day, so please do not leave anything in the locker rooms unattended or not locked up.

The weather is getting colder. Please make sure your swimmers are bundled appropriately and drinking plenty of fluids.

T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More! Make sure when you return to the pool deck, you remember the basics of being a part of this awesome Moon Aqua Family: We, as a staff, are making sure that our number one goal this season is to be a better T.E.A.M.

  • Clean up after yourself – if you get equipment out, put it away, all equipment bags left at the pool need to be hung up or taken home, if you bring a disposable water bottle then throw it away when you’re done, and leave the locker room nicer than when you arrived. We are guests of the school and we need to treat the facility as if we would treat anywhere we walk into as a guest.
  • BE A GREAT TEAMMATE! Encourage each other, enjoy each other, respect each other – verbally and physically. Keep your hands to yourself, only borrow a teammate’s equipment if you receive permission, and if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all (this includes via the ever popular social media).
  • HAVE FUN! That is our number one rule. Part of the fun is seeing how hard you can push yourself.


Water Time

Dryland Time


M -F 3-5pm (6-8pm SR makeup)

M/W/F 5:45-7am

Sat 2-4pm

M-F 5-6pm

HS Preconditioning

M-F 3-5pm



M-F 6-8pm

Sat 2-4pm

M-F 5-6pm


M-F 6-7:30pm

Saturday 2-4pm

M-F 5-6pm


M-F 5-6pm

Saturday 3-4pm

M/W-F 6-7pm



M/W/F 5:30-6:30pm AT CORNELL

Saturday 3-4pm AT MOON

M/W/F 6:30-7pm at Cornell