RENO Team Partners
KOH Thank You and NW Pool

Good Morning,

I have yet to get an update on the Northwest Pool situation. I reached out to the Aquatics Director this morning, and he said he’ll have an update for me soon. I will notify everyone as quickly as I can regarding any changes to the schedule. I appreciate your patience.
The King of the Hill swim meet was a success! Thank you very much to all the parents for your hard work this past weekend. Swim meets would not be possible without volunteers. The coaches and swimmers greatly appreciate your time and effort. We had several parents work shifts even when their child was not competing. Thank you for stepping up and making the meet run smooth. A big thank you to our meet director, Teri Galvin, for her efforts with the meet.
RENO has a tradition of hosting outstanding swim meets, we continued that tradition this past weekend. Thank you!
I will have more info on how the swimmers did in my weekly update.
Stay tuned for another email soon regarding the pool.