Weekly updates

No changes to any practices this week.

  • Next week no practice on October 31st, Halloween evening, for ALL groups.
  • Each group will do something fun and we will email specific requests to groups so we can PARTY a little!!

Boo Bash!!!

I must say,  this meet was A- the largest group of swimmers we have ever take to a meet and B-I believe ALL IN ALL the most successful meet that I have ever coached. (this is my true 3rd season) I want to thank coaches Emily and Chris for being on deck and keeping up with everyone as well!! It's utter controlled chaos!

Not only did we have breakout swims for a lot of swimmers but we also had first time meet folks who mixed in with the crowd and did so good.  We had tons of relays and developed our "Slurpee Swims" (I had given the 9-10 girls and the 11& over swimmers a challenge to take less than 12 breaths TOTAL  during their entire relays = 200 yards) 

I owe ALOT of Slurpees to swimmers and we had alot of fun with that at the end of a very long few days!!!

You should all be very proud of your swimmers!! Our kids are learning how to focus on PROCESS and not be so time dominated...that's what we learned from Dr. Goldberg and it works!!  All that we do in practice, if done with intent and purpose will only lead to the end being successful.  

Little things make BIG things happen!!!!


MYST pentathlon-UGH!!!
We still do not have the meet file yet.  When it comes to us and it is loaded I will send an email out.

After MYST is the RAYS classic, another YMCA meet that we really want great attendance at. (it is actually the closest meet that we will attend all year!! in North GR)  Again, we do not have a meet file, so all your signing in and signing up will not change that ATTEND/DECLINE BUTTON  

Just a reminder, we are pressing BIG for YMCA Districts and States, so those 3  days of YMCA meets are really important!!

any questions,

please ask!