RENO Team Partners
Nevada State Championships

Good Morning,

Despite all the pool issues, the Nevada State Championships is quickly approaching. The meet will take place November 8 - 11 in Henderson.
This meet requires all RENO entries to be submitted by the coaches. The entry deadline is next Wednesday, October 30. The coaching staff and I will be working on compiling the entries over the next couple of days. I will send out a rough draft of the entries by Monday in order to give us enough time to make corrections before the entry deadline.
The meet does require the swimmer achieve time standards. Click here for the times.
Below is a list who have said they will attend the meet. If you do not see your child’s name and you plan on attending, please contact me ASAP.
  • Amaya Aramini
  • Angelo Aramini
  • Elena Aramini
  • Jack Armbrecht
  • Ian Belflower
  • Chase Belflower
  • Dominik Brittain
  • Gabbi Brittain
  • Katelyn Buono
  • Addison Clark
  • Addison Crain
  • James Dale
  • Matthew Dale
  • Ethan Daniels
  • Lydia Dyer
  • Teson Grant
  • Reese Hollinger
  • Avery Jakubos
  • Mallory Jennings
  • Emma Karam
  • Julia Kennedy
  • Marni Kraemer
  • Sam Lindley
  • David McLean
  • Haakon Minetto
  • Lena Minetto
  • Brayden Myers
  • Ella Palmer
  • Jacques Peuchaud
  • Aidan Pflieger
  • Isabella Pflieger
  • Lucy Platz
  • Kalia Ream
  • Gabriel Schraeder
  • Keira Scott
  • Maddi Simpson